It was the shouting that woke her up.
What was going on?
"No!" that was Lucy's voice. "No, you can't!"
Why was she shouting? and to who?
The voice's were getting louder.
"I'm sorry Luce, but it's for the best" that, that was grandad's voice, why was it more calm and controlled? Why wasn't Lucy's?
The door swung open.
There stood Grandad and Lucy, grandad with his firm, controlled and unhuman face, and Lucy's that looked so hard, fierce, but there was something else in there too, yes, desperation.
"Please" she whispered, "Not yet" tears shone in her beautiful amber like eyes.
"When?" grandad's lips hardly moved, "When then do you think?"
Lucy just stood dumbstruck, "You want her to go, don't you!" her voice came like a cracked whip, Hope flinched, now totally awake, she flung her bed covers off and jumped up, not caring about the cold wooded floor bourds underneath her.
"What's going on?" she asked, cold and hard.
They both just looked, stared, almost frozen in time.
"I asked you a question" Hope growled, "Answer it"
There was a short pause, then with some hesitation, Lucy whispered, "Well, Grandad" she looked at the cold unmoving blue eyes, that seemed to shine dul-ley from Grandad's face. Lucy's voice quickly got louder, "He want's you out of here!" she almost screamed, her face scruntching up into a tight scowl.
"What" Hope now whispered, it was now her turn to be affraid, hurt, lonely.
"But you're not going" Lucy carried on, walking into the bedroom, "You're not"
She bent down and hugged Hope, tears slowely dripping off her face, like rain.
Grandad sighed, heaving, he suddenly looked tired, almost drown of life. I almost felt sorry for him, almost, I'll never trust him again. Never.
How could he do this to me, Hope thought, trying to hide her emossions from under Lucy's sobbing hug.

The End

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