It Happens I guess


As Hope sat, the wind silently floughted by, breathing carfully Hope knew she had to go home soon, everybody would be worried about her, possibly, maybe.
Hope got up, sighing like a old woman. Turned and walked up the parks road.
As she listened to the winds soft whistle, and the leaves russeling, she started to think what her future could hold, what she could be when she’s older.
A dentist?, a doctor maybe!, or just a someone who picks up the rubbish every now and then.

Click the sound of metal hitting metal sounded through the old house with a bang. Lucy jumped up, heading towards the door, her heart in her mouth.
“Please don’t be the Gatherers” she whispered to herself.
Fearing the worst, she opened the door, tentively.
“Yes”, but she didn’t need to answer anyone, because there stood a trembeling little girl, with tear blotched skin and red lips.
“Hope!” she cried, embracing her in hug, that seemed, to Hope, that she would never let go.
“Yes, it’s me” Hope whispered, feeling slightly guilty, why had she run away, why?

Half an hour later, Hope sat in the dining room, eating a nice hot bowl of soup with the rest of the family. Just as it should be, Hope thought, tucking her way into the warmth of the soup.
“Mother” she asked, gingerly.
“Yes, little one” Lucy replied, non the wiser of what Hope was going to say.
“When, when” she paused, “When’s the baby coming?”
Everybody stopped eating.
“Hope” Lucy started to say, but was inturupted by her father.
“No, Luce, I’ll tell her” he managed to say over a mouthfull of bread, so he hadn’t finished eating his mouthful, Hope grinned, that was grandad.
“Dad” Lucy groaned,
“No buts Lucy, I wont let you get upset” he brought his one eye brow up now, I knew there was no argueing with him now. “Now, Hope, listen carfully sweety”
He never called me by that way, actually he’d never given me any family, sweetie, name.
“I’m listening” I said, hoping my voice didn’t give my emostions away, but as always they did, everybody turned to look at me, with a soft, sort of sorry exprestion.
“Your mother, well, isn’t really your mother” he couldn’t look at me, his eyes were on the floor, he held his hands close to his lap, like he felt it was his fault my parents weren’t really here Hope thought, frowning.
But still Hope couldn’t figure it out.
“What” she whispered, almost moaned, this really wasn’t her day.
“Your mother” it wasn’t grandad speaking now, or was he really my grandad she wondered, it was John. “Your mother isn’t here”
“I know!” Hope was shouting now, “But, what I really mean, Where is she?”
Everyone was quiet now, again.
“She’s” John started, mosture mixing with the usual layer over the eyes, “She’s,”
I stared, my eyes now filling up, my anxiouty over whelming.
“Dead” he managed to say.
My heart flipped.
“No” Hope mouthed, “No” she said aloud.
“I’m sorry” Lucy came round, and hugged her, holding her close.
“Why does this happen to me” Hope whispered, hugging Lucy back.
“It happens, I guess” Lucy muffeled, speaking into my hair.


The End

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