“Listen you!” a shout came from downstairs, Hope growned she shouldn’t grown, it was 8 o’clock, normally she woke up at 6.
“No, don’t do that!” a shout came again, CRASH!, Hope jumped, her eyes shot up wide awake, what just happened?
Thud, thud, thud, her heart was in her mouth, CRASH!, that was her,
“Hope!” a shocked Lucy gasped, she leaned towards her, her eyes slightly puffy.
“What’s happened” Hope exclaimed, her breath coming in bursts, “I heard a crash”
“Oh that” Lucy’s face crumpeled up into an imbaressed frown, “Yeah, um, that was uh, John”
“WHAT!” John cried, he was a skinny looking guy, probobly same age as Lucy, but it was hard to tell, men always seemed older than woman.
“Yes, it was John”
“I did no such thing” John moaned, “It was you!” he pointed a red, grubby, acusing finger at Lucy.
A huff came from a old man in his late 60’s came round the corner, he walked slowely in.
“Oh sorry dad, did we wake you” Lucy said, apolegeticly.
“No, I just heard a crash and some shouts, I didn’t know who it was, but now I do, and I didn’t even need to raise my voice” he flashed a grin at me, a cheeky fler light his eyes.
“Oh” both of the younger adults said, John spoke up,
“It wasn’t me dad, Promise” he moaned.
“Stop being such a spoil sport, it was both of you, unless you want to blame to be all on you” the old man said, retoricly an raising one eye brow up, knowing he was right.
Hope giggeled, they all looked at her, she sucked in her breath, when ever they did that, it ment they either wanted her to something she did not want to do, or she was somehow in trouble.
“Hope” Lucy’s voice wasn’t angry, or slightly any other moody tone, it was delicate, almost like a whisper in the wind.
“Yes” I replied back, in exsactly the same way.
“We need you to be extremally careful at the moment, more so than you have already”
“Why?” I frowned knowing there wouldn’t be any logical reason.
An aquared pause.
“Well, um, Hope, I’m going to have another child” Lucy wasn’t looking at Hope now, her eyes setteled on the carpet, her breathing shallow, tears shining in her eyes. “I’m sorry..”
“No, don’t be” Hope managed to say, “It’s not your fault, you didn’t ask for this” she fumbeled for a peace of hair, “It’s ok” before she could stop her self, she ran out of the house, screams of protest followed behind her.
But I just ran.
Why did they do this to me, she thought, why!
Tears streamed down her face, and into her collar.
Before she knew it, Hope found herself in a park, or was it a park, she’d never really been in one before. She only read about them in story books, or saw pictures of them on the internet.
She looked around, hoping no one would see her, specially those nasty men that came round peoples houses looking for unnessary things.
It was all silent, nobody seemed around, so she decided to sit down on the muddy ground, she didn’t care, as long as she was alone.
Why did she run?
Who knows, she thought, rumedging around in her blue fleece pocket.
“Can I have one?” a small voice asked her, as she brought out a polo mint.
Hope nearly jumped out of her skin, she spun round, her breath catching in her throat.
When she looked round, she saw to her astonishment a tiny boy, grubby and smelly.
Hope stared, that’s all she could do, he looked cold, afraid, almost, lost.
“Are you ok?” she managed to speak out.
The boy stared back, holding one muddy hand out, shaking.
“Oh, you’re hungry!” Hope exclaimed, that scared the boy, and he fell back, his chest heaving fast. “Oh sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you”
The boy just carried on staring.
“Please” he whispered, his eyes starting to fill with tears, Hope’s eyes widened, no she didn’t want him to cry, what if he was a loud, sobby crier, what if someone heard him.
“No, no, don’t cry, here” she took out a polo mint and handed it to him, he took it, fast, stuffed it in his mouth and started to run off.
“Wait!” Hope called back, the boy hesitated, still not looking at her, he spun round and sprinted back to her, “Th, Th, Thank you” he muttered, stumbeling over the words, like rocks falling over a steep precipice.
“You’re welcome” Hope said, bewildered, she hadn’t expected that.
Then as quickly as he had come to say thank you, he ran off. Leaving Hope completely alone.

The End

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