A girl, she wasn't ment to be born, ( in England ) we arn't allowed more than one child. We can't have at the most 70, million people in this country.
It is the law.
A girl that hardly knows what's right or wrong, that hardly knows why this was happening to her, has to run, run as fast as she could. Away from everything she had littely known.
In this story, you'll find your self running away, to a place you've never even heard of before, where even the human beings that occupy it arn't quite

Time is everything to humans. You couldn't do anything with out it. Like go to the shops before yoga, or go and have a bite to eat before work.
But that's the thing with me, I'm different.

 I need time. But I don't have enough.                        

Time isn't just everything to me. Time is the only way I can survive.

Time is running out for me.


Chapter One  



"Open up mam" a ruff yorkshire man barked outside the neat wooden door.

A young, perhaps in her 30's woman walked stiffely up to the door.

She opened it with shaking hands.
"Yes" she snapped, frowning.

"Just a ruiten check up mam" the same man said, in a more than casual voice.

"Oh, I see" the woman noddded.

The woman was about to shut the door, when the same man flung a foot in the way, the door caught apruptly. The woman's frown increased, furrowing deeply into her usually smooth forhead.

"We just need to check inside miss"

"I'm a mrs actually"

"Ah, yes, um, Mrs?"

"Is that any of your buisness?" the woman questioned intensly, the man backed off.

"Well Mam" he pondered, "Not really mam"

"Good" she paused, absantly twiddeling her brown curly hair, "Is there anything else?"
"Yes, mam, we would like to come in, if you don't mind"
The womans face turned angry, her features showing very much how angry.

"Yes, I do mind actually" she paused, her breath coming in shallow gasps, "Is this a jail errind now?, has souciety run so low that men have to look inside poor womans houses and search for any unneccary things?, we arn't running a jail break here so if you don't have any more stupid questions to say, then you should very kindly detache your self from my doorstep and out of my front garden"

The man that had been buiselly rummedging through is scruffy brown canvas bag while all this conversation had been going on, now looked up and grinned.

"Don't worry mam, we wont be bothering you anymore" his voice was soft, unuasally soft for a gatherer.

"Well, yes, I think so too" the woman had just turned round when the soft speaker quickly stated.

"But if you do have anything unessary, then you know we have to depart it"

The woman sighed.

"I know" she whispered, her voice hoarse, then shut the door quietly not looking back through the obscured glass.


She turned round a dusty corner then said,

"You can come out now, they're gone"

A huge whoop sounded, with a trial of boundless activity.


"We'll I'm glad that's over, I was starting to get cramp in my neck" a young man laughed giving his head a ruthless shake, coming out from a empty cupbourd "How was it?"

A small child with cold grey eyes, with a beautiful layer of brown flowing hair also came out from under the cupbourd.

The young woman was quiet for a moment then in a hardly audible voice whispered, "Difficult, they're getting harder and harder"

The room was silent for a second, then a rokos shout came from the kitchen.

"Lucy!" a old gruff man walked stiffely in, opening the kitchen door wide so the other people could walk in with out trouble, "What happened, why did that take you so long?"
Lucy, the woman who had been so angry before at he front door, stood shaking with her hands in fists,

"They're getting worse, that's what!" her voice was a shout, hoarse from before, but still had enough volume to consume all converstation that had started up, she shook, staring at the old man, "If it carries, on" she aburptly stopped, and looked down at the small child who stood at he waist height staring up with her sad grey eyes.

"What will happen mother?" she asked, her voice hardly a whisper.

"I, I" Lucy gulped, "Everything's going to be ok" she looked arounded with her deathly glear, "Now, go up and wash your self, you're filthy from the cupbourd"

very quietly the girl did as she was told, holding her head down, some how knowing that they were all in danger because of her.

When she was out of ear shot the young man said, "Well perhaps if we're gonna live there most of our life, we could, clean in out and perhaps put a bathroom in there" he stopped grinning, feeling all eyes on him, "Never mind" he hurridly murmered.


That night the dining room was quiet, unlike other times, other times it was full of chatter and delightful laughter. Not tonight though, tonight was full of suspence and darkness.

Everyone was eye one another, waiting for that deathly ring of the 'Gatherers'.

Once everyone had finished eating, they all shuffeled into the living room.

After watching a bit of T.V. that seemed to be all most all the time, dark and misterious, the sent the child up to bed.

"We can't keep this from her forever, you know" the young man muttered to Lucy as the girl clambered up the stairs, "She'll find out sooner or later"

Lucy sighed, she looked so much older, her skin greying, her shoulder blades sagging, "I know, but" she whispered, "I just can't, not yet" her eyes went blank, misty with a glint of mosture.

The old man came up and put his arm around her shoulders, "We can't keep going on like this Luce, one day they'll find her, and when they do"
"Yes, I know" Lucy inturupted hasitly, "Yes, I know, if it carries on like this we'll never be able to look after her"

"What's her name anyway?" the young man asked, sitting down on the soft , leather sofa.

"Her name?" Lucy smiled, “bHer name's Hope, Hope Freedom Young" she sighed, "Freedom Fighter of the Human Race, the last proper child on Earth."

The End

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