A Whole New Kettle of Fish

My name is Alice Thorpe, and I was born in 1996. That's all I know. I was abandoned in a park when I was a baby. Therefore I have no family, no past.  I have taken my adoptive parents' name, but I want more. I want to feel anchored into this life. 

I sat, gazing into the distance. Once again, I was on a 'family streak' as my family put it.  Nobility, or the woman on the park bench that tries to sell me a watch every day?  She could be anyone.. 

I hate the idea of having no family. No-one to have the same eyes, or the same laugh.  My adoptive family, of course, I love to pieces, there's just something.. missing.   But where do I begin? I don't even know my real surname. Fat lot of good that's going to be if I don't know my name!

The End

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