Descendant of Family Fueds

So protagonize tennis with youandI. Don't want it to be confusing so shall explain how it's being written, Lost-At-Sea (me) shall be writing about the 16th Century, the veiw point of Jane Chevallier. YouandI shall be writing in the 21st Century, the viewpoint of Alice Thorpe

My name is Jane Chevallier. I was born in the year of our lord 1564 and died in 1580. Suspicious cirumstances were placed round my death and I am still here to avange my death of life cruelly stolen from me. I shall take it from my killers only descendant.

It was the summer of 1579 and I was a happy. Still unmarried in the courts of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. My parents were spending that summer finding me a suitor. I was more interested in running in the palace gardens, sneaking of the grounds. It was also the summer the problems occured.

Lord Henry was 18 and very influencal. Also he was very handsome that all the girls swooned over him. I knew this is who my parents wanted me to marry, influence and money in the courts. So did I, my family was very high up in the courts and I knew this is who I would be matched with. The only trouble was the other person who watched me, not for marriage but for my prospects of inheritance.

"Jane!" snapped my mother. "Quit daydreaming, we have a summer ball we must attend." As much as I enjoy the balls,I really detest them, I couldn't escape from this one.  As I was getting ready little did I realise this ball is where all the trouble started....

The End

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