Part four: The plane crash!Mature

Belle emerged from her room a few hours later once the New Year's party members began to leave for home her face streaked with tear tracks. Her friend, Sasha looked up from her spot on the sofa where she was currently propped watching T.V. when she noticed Belle she straightened up.

'Hey' she muttered softly patting the cushion next to her. Belle sat down. 'How are you feeling?' Sasha asked calmly stroking a stray strand of hair away from Belle's emerald eyes. She broke. Completely. She collapsed against Sasha' chest and started to weep mercilessly. 'Hey, hey, hey, hey shh shh' Sasha stroked Belle's hair and hugged her tightly 'sweetie it'll be okay, you'll see her again'

'How do y-you k-know that?'

'Well ... I-'

'See you don't!!!!' Belle sobbed harder barely breahting by this stage.

Sasha pulled Belle against her chest and rocked gently forwards and backwards. "Everything will be alright sweetie ... just wait and see"

"I don't want to see ... I don't want to see anything this world has to offer anymore" Belle wept harshly.

"GUYS!!!" called a voice from the doorway. They turned their heads to see Clifford with wide wet eyes. "Come and see this! There's been an accident!!!" they bolted into the living room.

Half an hour earlier ...

Crystal shuffled limply after Xeno and Eliza. Xeno glanced back and sighed, wiping his fathomless eyes. He rested a hand on Crystal's shoulder, causing her head to slide up to face him. Tear tracks stained her cheeks. "I know you don't like this"

"Damn right" she growled.

Xeno it his lip "you could have stayed"

"I know"

"Then why didn't you?"

"She didn't want me to sacrifice all this ... for her"

"But you were willing to?"

Crystal gave a glum nod "but what difference does it make? In less than five minutes I'll be on that plane ... flying to France. Nothing is stopping me"

"Oh I think there is"

"Xeno leave it!" Crystal snapped.


Xeno turned back to Crystal "you are right. You do have five minute. Fine minutes to make your mind for yourself. Do you really want this singing oppurtunity? Or do you really want Belle?" as they made for their gate Crystal hung her head .... thinking.

Back to the present ...

"A local plane destined for France, Paris early this new years day lost both its engines and hurtled seventy thousand feet into the Pacific...." Belle was numb as the newsreader rattled on. Silently as though she were a zombie, she stood up in the hushed crowd and made for her bedroom door. She was in a trance of distress.

The End

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