Part three: New Years EveMature

Part three: new years ever (9 months later)...

31st December...

Belle walked into Xeno's bar where Crystal and Eliza were currently rehearsing for the trip to Korea. The thought made Belle's heart sink as she watched the two women up on the stage.

'They're good' Xeno whispered to her 'it's a pity Crystal won't be going'

Belle's head snapped around 'w-what?'

'Tell her Crissi' Xeno instructed briskly as the singing died. In a mock-feminie voice Xeno resited '"I don't want to go to Korea because I want to stay and make-out with my girlfriend"' Belle turned her attention to Crystal a confused expression on her face. In her heart she felt happy and also a little guilty. Crystal shrugged slightly her expression unreadable. As belle left she invited them all to the new years party that was taking place at her flat that evening. She hoped she wasn't being selfish at wanting Crystal to stay.


In Belle's flat a small crowd of people were cheering as the clock drew nearer to the new year! By ten to twelve as Belle and Crystal were sharing a bowl of ice cream when Xeno came up to them.

'Hey Xeno' Belle smiled at the bartender.

'Hey Bee' he greeted before turning his attention to Crystal 'I have decided to go to Korea with Eliza wihtout you'

Crystal stared at him in a minute of shock 'what can't do that!'

'I know I can't ... but  unfortunately Eliza's father can, I-I have no choice Crissi' Xeno looked close to tears.

Belle looked between the two friends and bit her lip. Then and there she made her decision. 'Crissi can I talk to you a minute?' she asked standing up and holding Crystal's hand.



'You're going to Korea' Belle stated as she closed the door to her bedroom.

Crystal frowned at the words belle had just said 'No I'm...not'

'Oh you are so going to Korea'

'But if I go to Korea I...I'll have to break up with you and I don't want to do that' crystal explained softly as she wrapped her arms around Belle's waist and they looked deeply into each others' eyes.

'I don't want that to happen live for singing, this is a once in a lifetime can't let it slide'

'Watch me'

'No Crissi look...just accept it you're going to Korea, neither of us likes it but you can come back after a year or two'

'That's not the point'

'Sweetie...okay I'll go'

Belle licked her lips and nodded as Crystal drew her closer. She sniffed slightly. Crystal tilted her head upwards and gazed into her eyes, 'I'll never forget you Bee'

'I couldn't dream of forgetting you either'


'Just tell me that you love me but you have things to do now, and so that's what you have to do' Crystal nodded holding Belle tightly against her.

'I do love you Bee'

'I know you do' Belle hugged Crystal tighter 'now you say "I have to leave before the ball drops, because I can't imagine starting the new year with you if I can't finish it"' again Crystal nodded against her shoulder. They shared a tender kiss before Crystal hurried out of the room in tears. Belle sank onto her bed a finger gliding over her lips. Crystal was gone. She broke down and cried as poeple cheered into the new year in the next room.

The End

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