Part two : The Morning AfterMature

Part two: the morning after

Belle groaned. She opened her eyes to the blurred room beyond her eyelids. She shut them again and forced them to focus. Soon she was able to make out the black fuzzy carpet and deep emerald green walls surrounding her. Memories from the night before flooded into her and BOOM there was the hangover right on cue! She winced at the impact on her temples and rolled over onto her back. Something warm snaked its way over her waist and hugged her closer. A soft moan pierced her eardrum causing her to look around and come face-to-face with Crystal Zabini! She lifted the covers slightly. Oh yeah they were definately naked. She started to shift and sit up but that's when Crystal decided to open her lazy eyes and pull her on top of her.

'And where do you think you're going?'

'I was going to put the kettle on' Belle lied.


'Am not!'

'Alright then, go put the kettle on and I'll join you in a minute'

Belle couldn't help but smile and she pulled on a baggy T-Shirt she'd scooped form the floor along with her knickers before going out into the kitchen. She put the kettle on and waited against the corner for it to boil. Once the shrill whistle reached her ears she snapped the electric off and poured two mugs of black coffee.

'Well I see you didn't ditch me' came a deep sexy voice form the doorway. Belle turned and smiled upon seeing Crystal. She felt a blush graxe her cheeks and so returned to the two coffee mugs and handed one to Crystal. 'Thanks darling' Crystal said accepting the mug.

'Darling? Where did that come from? The hangover?'

'No, you belong to me now, I own you, and therefore I can call you whatever I want'

'You "own" me?'

'Yes as a matter of fact I do'

'How?' Belle asked sipping her coffee.

'I bought you last night'

'Pfft! Oh yeah and news flash, Merlin called to adopt you' Crystal's face however was stone serious as Belle attempted t laugh. 'You're ... you're s-serious?'

Crystal advanced on her 'yes' she stated simply 'and quite frankly your little bit of sarcasm there ... hurt my feelings'

'B-but I didn't-OW!' Belle had backed up into the counter Crystal leaning firmly against her, trapping her wrists to the counter.

'That's right you didn't think did you little Bee?' Belle shook her head mutely. Crystal laced their figners together and ghosted her lips across Belle's 'how about we go back to bed, eh?' Belle swallowed 'and then maybe we can determine whom you belong to. How does that sound?'

'That sounds ... ' Belle gasped in shock as Crystal grabbed her crotch through the baggy shirt and squeezed demandingly '... like an idea'

'I thought you might say that my gorgeous ... *kiss* ... beautiful ... *kiss* ... baby'

'D-don't tease' Belle gasped as Crystal picked her up bridal style and carried her into the bedroom. The two mugs of coffee were left on the counter, completely forgotten.

The End

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