Descend into DarknessMature

Belle falls for local singer in a night club and they begin to see more of each other. Soon they are dating. But what happens when Crystal gets a job in Korea as a professional singer? What happens when her plane crashes on New years eve and she won't pick up her phone?

Descend into Darkness

Part one: the night before

Belle bounced her leg against the bar stool as she stressed over a portfolio of random sketches she had been working on. Her teacher was nagging her on it constantly and now she had the worst thing she could have ever been dealt. A deadline! Above all things Belle hated deadlines. They made her stress and sweat and lose images in her mind. It was unhealthy. For her anyway. 'Can I have another Drowned Angel?' Belle asked the bartender.

He cocked an eyebrow at her 'wow you are brave aren't you?' he poured some acidic blue liquid into her glass.

She shrugged 'well I like it, you make a good D.A.'

'Thank you' he smiled before extending a hand 'I'm Xeno'

'Belle' she shook his hand and turned her head to look up at the stage where Celest the local screecher had just gotten boo-ed off the stage. She shook her head and turned back to Xeno.

'Hey look Crystal's actually going to sing. Makes a chnage' Xeno laughed to himself flicking his lopsided red fringe from his almost pitch black eyes.

'Who's Crystal?'

'She is the only one within a seventy-nine mile radius of this place who can sing so good angels are hanging their heads in pure shame' Belle's lips quirked into a smile as she slid around completely to get a good veiw of the stage. The woman that stood up was absolutely beautiful. Her shoulder length black curls were sleek and thick, her revealing clothes left nothing to the imagination of the creamy chocolate goddess like body beneath and her eyes were a dazzling sapphire blue. She adjusted the mike and soon she was singing to the slow tinkling of the piano keys. Xeno was right. Belle could literally see angels hanging their heads in shame! This woman was phenomenal! Belle actually felt her heartbeat racing a million miles a minute! The spell was broken when Crystal elegantly dropped from the stage and sauntered over to the bar.

'Hey Xeno, one Drowned Angel please'

'My, my, my that is popular tonight' Xeno smiled.

'Really? I thought I was the only one brave enough to drink it'

'You've met your match in this one' Xeno rested a tender hand on Belle's forearm. The girl had been staring into space. Her head jerked to the side when Xeno touched her arm.

'Hmm? What?'

'I was just informing Crystal that you've downed eighteen Drowned Angels' tonight'

'Eighteen, eh?' Crystal turned on her stool and faced Belle an interested smile on the lucious lips her hand reaching forward and landind silkily on Belle's thigh. Belle eeped lightly and hopped off her stool.

'I think I'll ... er ... go to the bathroom' she hurried off blushing furiously.

'Jumpy isn't she?' Crystal observed placing her glass back on the bar counter.

Xeno rolled his dark eyes 'she wouldn't need to be if you weren't so forward' he hissed.


Xeno leant forwards eyeing Crystal sternly 'now you listen here, she is perfect for you, don't scare her off okay?'

'Next thing you're going to tell me she's artistic'

'Check these out'

In her dash to the bathroom Belle had forgotten her sketch book. Xeno flipped open a page and showed it to Crystal. The singers' eyes went wide. This sketch was brilliant! 'Wow you were right she is good'

'Go and apologise'

'In a bathroom?' Crystal scowled.

'Do it' Xeno growled. When Crystal sipped her drink carelessly he rammed his fist onto the counter 'NOW!'

'Okay' Crystal frowned at Xeno's slightly abusive behaviour. Probably the buzz night kicking in Crystal thought as she sauntered over to the girls' bathroom.

Belle was in her own little world as she hummed to herself admiring her reflection in the small musty bathroom mirrors. She was never a vain person but she'd gotten so many wolf-whistles tonight she wanted to get a look what the lads were blowing about. She didn't look any different than she had on the other nights. She sighed and went back to rinsing her hands. The bathroom door squeaked open but she ignored her emerald eyes fastened on the plughole beneath her ice white hands. She heard a few footsteps and then a pair of dark brown arms wrapped themselves around her making her jump backwards against a heavenly body. She squeaked in surprise and looked up into the face of Crystal! Her breath latched in her throat. 'Oh ... um ... hi'

'Sorry to startle you' Crystal whispered lightly against her ear.

'No worries' Belle mumbled. She was lost in those eyes again. She felt herself melting in the older woman's embrace. Crystal bent her head down, their lips were so close, they could almost taste each other  ...

'Oh am I interupting?' squeaked Celest who glared at Crystal jealously over Belle's head.

'Yes you are-'

'No! No it's okay we were just leaving' Belle enlaced their fingers and led crystal out of the bathroom. She could tell those two didn't get along very well and she did not want to see an angel turn angry.

Outside the front door of the club Belle turned to face Crystal her cheeks burning viciously in the black light 'um ... you were really good tonight'

'Nice to meet a fan' Crystal purred leaning in closer to Belle's body. 'So ... if you don't mind me asking, are you going straight home or would you rather ... come to mine and have a coffee?' Crystal combe dher fingers through Belle's straight dark tresses.


'It'll help with the hangover you're bound to get in the morning due to those eighteen Drowned Angels'

Belle studied Crystal's eyes. They looked innocent and slightly hopeful. What the hell she thought one coffee won't kill me. As they walked Crystal notcied Belle shiver slightly and so she wrapped a warm arm around the younger girls' slender shoulders. Belle leant against her in a grateful manner feeling oddly safe. 'Here we are' Crystal announced when they came to a block of flats. Belle followed Crystal inside and up to her flat. Inside Crystal's flat it was warm and comfortable. Crystal closed the door behind them and led Belle into her kitchen where she put the kettle on before leaning over the counter and tilting Belle's chin upwards. 'Wha-?' belle's question was muffled by Crystal's burning lips. She felt herself whirling on a high of those lips. She closed her eyes and her vision was blurred away.

The End

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