Depth of Colour

The world's full of colour, be it flowers, Victorian manors or that lightbulb over there. But not everyone can see it.

I looked out the window for the third time. I don’t know what I was expecting. I saw grey clouds, a grey garden, a grey world, the life drained from it. A grey car drove past, the noise briefly disturbing the faint sound of rain. But it was a hollow, empty sound. It had nolife. I looked back down to the meal I was preparing. Grey meat, grey vegetables. For a moment, everything around me wavered, revealing a world beneath, a world of life, full of colour and joy. But the illusion soon ended, returning to the grey, lifeless world around me.

I went to bed that night, wondering about that vision. I had seen the world as it should be. But where could I find it? How could I reach it?

The next day was just as grey and lifeless as the last one. I had a grey cereal for breakfast. I dressed myself in a grey suit. I drove my grey car down the grey streets to the grey building where I worked. Everything was empty, lifeless. One of my co-workers, Andrew, was happy and laughing with his friends over a cup of coffee. I scowled at him, not knowing how he could be happy in such a grey, lifeless place as this world.

The End

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