The next morning at about 6am a jogger found Lee by the bench and called 999. An ambulance and police unit turned up at the scene. Lee was taken to hospital whilst the police checked for evidence from the assault. They found drag marks on the mud. They followed it and found drops of blood on the floor. There were also a couple of footprints in the damp mud. They took a sample of the blood and pictures of the scene and footprints.

Georgia found herself bleeding in a cold bare room. She had a bleeding nose and split lip. She sat up and looked around at the dull walls. She noticed a window next to a dark door, she got up and tried to open the door but it was jammed or locked. She looked out the window and all she could see was trees and darkness. A noise came from behind the door and so Georgia moved away from the window and sat in the corner of the room.

The door creaked open slowly, revealing a tall male in his mid 20s. "Come here young lady. I want to show you something, it's really amazing." squawked the tall man deeply. He stretched his arm out towards Georgia's face. She looked at his chunky hand and shaked a little, "!" cried Georgia nervously. She shot up bashing his hand out of her way.

He grabbed her hair and yanked her towards the door causing her to fall backwards. She smacked her head and lost consciousness, the man then carried her out of the room and into the darkness of the forest. As she was carried into the darkness she started to awaken once again.

The End

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