Kidnapped And Attacked

They passed a dark, creepy alleyway. They didn't realise that waiting in the alleyway was a gang of about 10 teenagers. As they walked past Lee was making a lot of noise and so the gang began to slowly follow them both. Unaware of their stalkers, Lee and Georgia stopped and sat on a bench and told jokes to have a laugh.

The gang split up and approached the bench. Three came from behind, three came from the left, three came from the right and the main one came from in front. Lee got all defensive and Georgia started to giggle more. They only seen the teenager approaching from in front, he had his hood up, head down and his hands in his pockets. The teenagers unnoticed by the pair stopped behind in the shadows.

The main teenager slowly raised his head and stared at Georgia, who then stopped giggling. Lee stepped in front of the boy and told him to back off and leave them alone. He just pushed Lee aside and grabbed Georgia by the wrist. Lee got up off the floor and noticed the other nine teenagers slowly emerging from the shadows, he became panicked and just froze up. Georgia was dragged away by the wrist.

The rest of the gang just beat the living daylights out of Lee and left him bleeding on the ground near the bench.The gang ran and caught up with their leader and then instead of dragging Georgia they lifted her and carried her away. She struggled to get free, but she was too outnumbered.

The End

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