Demons with in angelsMature

What happens when you are dragged in between a war that no one else even knows is going on. Requiem the angel king is framed for a deed that he did not do thrown into the human world to help the one person he is destioned to guide. Rae. Rae is a take no @*%@ detective that never puts up with any ones crap. They are forced together to try and stop an angel gone rogue from taking over Requiems position and ruining all three realms. Sexy King and Patience are thrown into the equation that non of them can get out of

“Please do me a favor and avoid puking on the body.” Chief grumbled in his low tone of voice, he sounded like the new batman with serous throat cancer, as he miffed at the Rookie and I., no offense Christian Bale. Chief Nick was beyond pissed, probably because this murder was cutting into his beauty sleep, but he lacked my stunning looks and a good dose of estrogen, so there really was no excuse. It was evident that we were all tired. Black bags layered Nick’s under eyes as his jaw was straightened at a hard angle, his pale cheeks as red as a beat. Nick’s blond hair was standing up like he had just gotten electrocuted not to long ago.       Standing to my full height of 5’5 I shot him a hard look indicating he could be a dick, but I was not putting up with it, which like most thing was the honest to god truth. It seemed odd since he was border line six four and probably out weighed me by a good one hundred pounds. Due to his weight lifter body shape, but like him I was in no mood either. “Tell me chief is this my first crime scene?” I asked calmly, tilting my head to the side, dirty blond locks cascading over my shoulder and down my neck in a pool of gold. Boyd, the Rookie snickered next to me slightly, but I didn’t have to look at him for him to silence.   Nick’s dull blue eyes narrowed at me, the sound of his jaw rearranging sounded almost mechanical. A slow smile made it’s way across my face, I did not work for him so it all pleased me, and since he was not my boss, I could let him know it. “No, Rae.” He spoke through clenched teeth.    “It’s Ms. Smith to you.” I corrected moving around him showing my badge to the officer on guard of the crime scene. I talked over my shoulder as I did so. “And if you try and make a fool of me again I wont ever help your ass out again.” I warned. Boyd followed quickly behind me like he feared without my presence chief would chew him up and spit him out. I did not blame him though, Nick was known for his occasional freak outs, last fall he had slammed an officer through the wall, and lets say it was a little to hard. He had been put on suspension for a little while, and lets not forget he had to pay for the giant hole in the wall he had created. The owners were also not to happy about the damage.    I walked through the sea of Manhattan uniforms, already starting to sink into my quiet place, where sounds were not registered and reality was no longer real. It was almost four Manhattan was at its slowest point helping me slip into my happy place. There was no cars on the road except the police cruisers flashing their lights on and off in the night, causing surrounding movements look like they were under a strobe light. It all seemed like a movie scene in the down town ally way, all a horrible nightmare.      “Ms. Smith, always ready, you already have your gloves on and shoe covers, and you just entered the scene.” A Hispanic voice snapped my eyes to look at the one and only cop I could actually stand. Officer Ruiz was a small man about my height with short cropped black hair and dark brown eyes that carried all of his intelligence. No matter how long he has been on the force he could never pull off cop eyes, which was what made him, him, but what would get him in trouble some time down the line of his work. By the way he held my gaze wearily, despite his friendly tone I knew this case would be a bad one. Not much could get through to this guy except the ones that got to every one, kid deaths had all of the officers on edge, and I prayed this was an elderly person instead.     “So what kind of crap are we dealing with, rape? Mutilation?” I inquired blankly pushing all fears of what ever hid behind the dumpster at the end of the ally, into the back of my mind. Only the distant feel of nausea do to my anxiety phased me. “Must be bad to be getting to you, Ruiz.”    The smiling officer frowned at once, his whole face turning into an open book. In the planes of his expression, it showed the shadow of every crime scene he had ever witnessed, and the slow decadence of his young adult years slipping away to quickly. He looked to be thirty seven when he was only twenty four. He needed a good vacation, hell, we all did. “Did your mom ever tell you it’s rude to read people?” Ruiz questioned back, hooking his fingers into the loop of his belt.        I laughed softly, it helped ease my nerves, it felt good, like we were two friends just hanging out, minus the body behind us. “Did your mom ever tell you it’s irritating to stall?” I spoke again. Like I did before with chief I moved around him to head to the dumpster that was now being photographed by one of the investigators. I was happy they were taking the pictures now since then I could move some of the things around with out worrying about messing up the evidence. I swear, you move one body, one time, and then every body is on your butt about touching things, sighs.        Ruiz followed flashing me a quick grin. “Girl I’m Hispanic the only thing my mommy did was spank my ass with my fathers belt.” That made us both laugh into the silence of the night. Some officers turning to find the source of the noise. Once we headed to the edge of the dumpster though he fell back to guarded, letting me get a few steps ahead of him, guess he did not want to see the scene over again.      The air reeked of the strong scent of garbage and rust, but under it all was something way more capable of grabbing ones attention. A scent that would make any one’s animal instincts kick in, and if you were smart, you would flee, run far, far away from the ally. I tried to breath through my nose rounding the corner to stand in the two feet distance between the wall and the garbage. I let my eyes fall down to the ground at the count of three.       This was a person? The body that was reduced to so much flesh and meat used to be a walking, talking, feeling woman. The only thing that helped me indicate what sex this victim was, was the very manicured nails of the one and only remaining hand. The smell was now clear, the stale smell of meat. A pool of blood was starting to dry on the pavement turning a darker brown color. I swallowed a few times, fighting down my bodies response to the mangled mess. I tried not to vomit as I breathed slow controlled breaths.         The victim had no head, just a neck with a shiny piece of spine cutting though the torn flesh of her neck. No, it was no longer a her, if I wanted to avoid a break down she would have to be an it. It could not be human, it did not have a family some where, or a personality, it had no importance to life or earth.       The body was ripped up from waist down, no clothes in the piles of gore. Her lower body was twisted to mangled angles if the bone was still attached to the body, other pieces of her was scattered around behind the dumpster. Which was how some one had found her, a man who had a store right next to the ally had went to throw out some garbage and he saw a piece of her leg poking out from behind the dumpster. Poor SOB must have been shocked to hell. I blinked once more clearing my head from the thoughts. One leg was completely torn from the skeleton laying to the side in a pile of shattered bone and thicker things. Her chest was a neater kill, flesh torn to expose her inner chest cavity. Most of her organs were still there. Her intestines were slightly ripped causing the stench to be intensified, but it looked like the killer only did that by accident since they were eager to get her skin off of her body. They wanted her heart. It was obvious since it was gone and no one had reported a heart on the crime scene.        “Her clothes and wallet were found in the dumpster.” Ruiz’s quiet voice spoke from behind me. He had to be against the farthest wall since it sounded like he was speaking from a distance. I had to understand now since every officer had their weak spots, and Ruiz’s weak spots were woman kills, and woman mutilation must be one of the last things he wanted to see. “Her name is Isabelle Fisher, she is thirty, works as a waitress. We think she was snagged walking home after her shift, since she works only a few blocks away.”       I nodded standing up to let him know I was listening, while I let my eyes take in the scene from a few steps away. Some times clues are easier to be seen from a distance. “Run some finger print tests on the shoes, and mind getting me a copy of all that swell information?” I asked flashing him a small smile from over my shoulder, even when this crimes scene had me wanting to resume the fetal position. Turning back to looking at the scene something small grabbed my attention.     What could easily be missed was dark stains streaking the ground, the black trail led a little ways from where the body laid to the wheels of the garbage can. “Yes Boss.” Ruiz mumbled behind me, distracted.      “Hey, help me move this dumpster.” I ordered walking around the body, careful not to step into any of the gore, even if I had plastic shoe covers over my black sneakers. Once I reached the other side of the rusted piece of metal I glanced back over at Ruiz. He furrowed his brows together, but I cut him off before he could ask why. “Just help please.”      The please must of got him since that was a word I hardly never used. He decided against asking me anything as he moved to the other side without a word. His arms tensed as he placed both hands on his side, I followed his lead and did the same.       “Push, now.” Ruiz commanded   We both gritted our teeth, I pushed, hard bits of metal biting into my skin as the bin squeaked in protest. With the both of us pushing we rolled the can quickly. Both of us stopping at the same time after it was a couple feet away from where it originally was.         “Shit.” I turned around to see the source of Ruiz’s interest, hoping that there was something there that could serve as a decent lead to the murder. It was, yellow chalk was used to make a pentagram on the ground that was once under the garbage can. What? Breaking me from my thoughts was his whistle, the officer shook his head while we both stared down at the drawing. We both seemed to be afraid to even set a foot in it, as we just stood in place where we were. “Nice call, detective.”       “Thanks but now this complicates everything.” “Why?”    “If this is a ritual killing, I bet this won’t be the last scene like this.” A headache started to form at my left temple. I rubbed at my forehead trying to ease down the ache as I tried to search through my brain for any knowledge on ritual kills. I got nothing. Usually murders were for different motives like killing your wife who was having an affair with the mail man. The possibility of finding out who killed the sluty wife is way easier then finding the man who cuts off heads and tears out hearts. Any ways searching for a kill that involves a head and a heart limit’s the search dramatically. God, Sherlock did not have pentagrams on his crime scenes, damn it.       The two of us stared down at the body for a little bit longer before footsteps echoed behind us. Ruiz turned to check who it was and by the hardening annoyance on his face I guessed it was good old chiefy. I did not mind though since after I give him my thoughts I can go home, and return to my bed. My mood improving at the thought of getting to go home before him. That and he was smart, sometimes his temper and quick judgment got in the way of his job, but usually he was smart, and picked up on things fast. As much as I hated to admit it he was a pretty intelligent guy.       “So give me the recap Ms. Smith.” Nick’s gruff voice demanding as he stood at my side, having big enough balls to let his eyes lay on the body. Nothing passed through his features , the green in Ruiz’s cheeks not in either of ours. What we had in common is we were both going cold, bodies were starting to be a regular sight, we were starting to die ourselves. Become empty vessels .      Trying to shake the thought I decided to focus on business. “Looks like a ritual kill, but she seems like she went into this willingly, there is not sign of struggle on her wrists.” I spoke glancing at the symbol that was in front of us. “I’m going to talk to some of her friends and co workers to see if she was in Wicca.”        “You think more people were involved?” “Hell yeah I do.” I said pointing to the body. “See how it goes from messy to organized quick, it was a group killing, or at least two were involved.” I said thinking there was a leader and a helper, and the minion seemed to smart to let his followers screw up.     ”Creepy shit gets weirder.” He mumbled under his breath. I kept my mouth shut since it was a religion. The religion was not creepy, what was done was wrong, but you can’t judge a group of people just because of ones action. It was best if I just stayed quiet though, so I tried my best not to say anything, to get his piss attitude at me. People said I did not know how to keep my mouth shut pshhh.       “I’ll do some research tomorrow and email it to you.” Was all I said in return. Chief grunted, knowing that I did not agree on purpose. Again the smart man kept his mouth shut showing that he was not in his worst mood possible.     “Have any other evidence for me?” Nick asked as he ran a hand through his short cropped blond hair.       I shook my head and spoke to defend myself before he blamed it on my lack of skill, which was so not the case. “No, you should send her shoes for prints since the killer had to pick them up to throw them out, maybe check for skin under her fingernails, but other then that the killer was pretty cautious.” I said thinking that it sucked that they were, because I did not want to wait for another crime scene for more evidence, one kill like this was good, fuck you very much.     “Great, some prints and skin, better then nothing.” Nick bit out gruffly his head falling back on the body which this time I did not follow his gaze. I was going home soon and I did not need the image in my head, it created bad dreams.       With that we finished up talking and luckily he let me go home. My motorcycle doing wonders to keep me awake on the ride back to my old two floor house. Any remains of sleep was eliminated by the wind burn on my face, as I plodded back to my doorstep lazily. Keys jingled in my hands trying to mask over the silence of my property. Silence. Loneliness, I was twenty five and did not have a boyfriend, hardly any family, and even fewer friends. Lets hear it for living it up, woo!        Slipping into my house I left the lights off since it was pointless if I was going to crash in a little bit. The living room looked comfy so I tried my best to avoid sitting down on the sofa, since once my butt touched the surface I was not going to get up. I kept my eyes from anything comfy and slowly stumbled into my kitchen. I felt around for my island counter, eyes still not adjusting to the dark. Once my foot connected with the hard wood of the counter I let a loud curse leave my lips , before angrily kicking off my shoes. I shook my head taking of my leather jacket and slinging it over one my counter chairs and emptying all the crap that was in my pockets throwing my badge down on the marble top also. I always had to empty my pockets or I would forget and throw them into the washer with my clothes, it was how I went through getting some many badges.      In the dark, the soft red flash of the answering machine grabbed my attention, I had one new message, well that’s what the screen told me. I clicked the button rolling my eyes at the beep, and then a familiar voice filled the silence in the kitchen.     “Hey woman! You better call me back when you get this, I’m not letting you chicken out.” My best friend Emily warned sharply. She was the opposite of me. was a question even we could not answer. "You need a man, so get ready tomorrow at eight and we will go clubbing!"                Since it was almost four I noted to call her once I woke up already planning ways to get out of our little pick up men scheme. Of course the idea had not originated from me. It was just I'd rather relax at home then go out and wake up with a great hang over.                With that thought I headed upstairs to the loft. The house was designed that outside my room I could see over my living room and part of the kitchen. It was nice homey and in a way very artsy.                My room was warm, warmer, then our cold weather showing the beginnings of fall.                Stripping down to my bra and panties I shivered slightly crawling into bed, almost instantly once my head hit the pillow I blacked out getting pulled down to a very silent very dark sleep.

The End

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