Demons they're haunting usMature

Meeting your guardian angel can be an amazing thing... But meeting one, means you must meet the other, and you don't want to know what lurks in the depths of hell...

((Not sure if i'm going to make this an longer, depends if you guys think i should :) ))

Curled up, lazing against and on the sofa bed, we were all telling our scary stories- true stories, about spirits visiting us. Our own personal experiences placed on the table, remembering what happening. Kass was in tears when she just began to tell hers.
    "Me and two of my friends were listening to this song by this amazing christian man and we were sitting far apart on the sofa. It was an 'L' shaped sofa, so one of my friends sat on each side, and I sat on the bend, in the middle. We were taking in this song, it was such a spiritual song... It's no wonder it happened..." Kass cried. She blew her nose. "I could feel this thing crawling toward me from one end of the couch... It seemed so cold and unnatural. It was disgusting. I didn't open my eyes, I didn't want to see it. It came up to me and rubbed its arms up and down my body. It made me so cold... It made me feel so sore. I was crying.. I could feel that on its hands, it didn't have nails. It had claws. I was scared to open my mouth. It moved its hands up to my neck, and it's mood seemed to change. Before it wanted to freak me out, but now it was angry. It wanted to kill me. This is when I started to say prayers out loud. I felt its claws wrap around my neck. It started to strangle me. Then I felt something warm and kind wrap its arms around me, like it was trying to protect me. The cold thing left and the warm one kissed my forehead and then it left too. I felt yuck, sort of violated... But then that other one made me feel so warm and safe like... Nothing could touch me..." This is where I lost myself. I had been listening to everything Kass had said, but then I had accidently visualised being her...
    It was so cold. I felt it move it's hands up to my neck and I opened my eyes. At first they were blurred, with tears, but when they cleared I could see the ugly beast... thats when I realized I was still in the sleepout. I was still me. This was happening to me. Its hands closed around my neck. I looked straight into the things evil eyes. There was no doubt, he was made of hatred.
    The sclera is his eyes were black, unlike a humans (white). He had silver iris', that somehow looked bloodshot with hatred... But his pupil.... It was non-exsistant. Maybe what I thought had been the iris was actually the pupil? It was hard to tell. It had red sticky stuff coming out of its mouth. No... It couldn't be... It was blood. It's nose was a bit pushed up and its chin was incredibly pointed. It had no hair... And it had pointed ears. It's skin was a burgendy colour and it had no meat on its bones. Except its arms. It's arms seemed out of proportion compared to the rest of its body. Its ribs and hips stuck out. It was the ugliest thing I'd ever seen... Uglier then a hairless cat, and those are pretty ugly.
    I felt the claws close around my neck, and it's eyes narrowed.
    "DON'T!" I screamed before it's hands tightened. It's head tilted sideways and an evil smile spread across it's face. It showed its horrible crooked, blood stained pointed teeth.
    "Why?" It hissed. "You're just another angel I can drag down with me."
    "Because I am magic. You can't kill me because I'm magic." I blurted absentmindedly. FUCK! He's not gonna believe that!
    "You haven't even earned you're wings yet, don't lie to me. You're nothing." It hissed and squeezed it's hands tight around my neck. I summoned up my strength to move my arms out of their shock. I grabbed his hands and he screamed. This moment of shock, his grip loosened and I pulled his hands away. I felt some warm arms wrap around me and the demon stalked away, out of the room onto the night. I looked up to see what the warm thing looked like... And it was nothing I expected. It was the beautiful Jimmy Sullivan, recently deceased from Avenged Sevenfold.
    I lost my breath. He looked beautiful in photos and videos, but in real life he looked so... Gorgeous. He smiled and kissed my forehead.
    "Don't go..." I whispered.
    "Why not?" He asked in his unique voice.
    "What if it comes back?"
    "It won't. I promise. Did stallion duck ever come back?"
    "No... It didn't."
    "I wanted that fucking duck. It was the biggest fucking duck I'd ever seen before." He said so seriously. I couldn't help but let out a laugh. What Kass had said about that thing rescuing her... Jimmy had this same effect on me. "Now, I must go but I'll see you again."
    "When it comes back?"
    "It won't."
    "Oh so I'll see you when I die?"
    "I didn't die. I had a role I needed to fill. I'm still helping earth, only from a higher view point. But in this view point I found out I'm seriously not allowed to get stoned... Or drunk. I can't even see the funniest thing ever these days."
    "What is that?"
    "Guiness in the face." Jimmy laughed. I did too. "See you when you come and join me."
    "Bye." I muttered, then I blacked out while the warmth faded away from me.

The End

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