Chapter 1 part 2


I didn't sleep well last night. At all. Nightmares mostly, although the cat that began howling outside my window at three am didn't help, it left pretty quickly after I snarled at it. Come to think of it, it was strange that it came so close to me. Animals don't particularly like demons, and the demon that ran in my veins caused most animals to see me as a threat. 

Oh, right, yeah I'm half demon, or an Anokh, as the old 'myths' call us. No, I don't have horns and a forked tail because demons don't actually look like that. Being half human, I take the form of a regular teenage guy of 18. Technically I'm 367 years old, but I'm not immortal, I just age pretty slow. Anyway, I look fully human, when I want to (which is most of the time.) But I can, well, alter my appearance if necessary, my eyes change colour for one. Usually they're a green grey kind of colour, but when I get too angry, or if I sense danger, they spike to an angry orange red colour, practically luminous. 

I try to keep out of the demon world as much as possible, of course I've been hunted down by other demons many times, often they're just curious, but I have to resort to destroying most of them. So keeping as human as possible was the reason that I signed up for Senior year in school. At first I just thought 'What's the worst that could happen?' and then I remembered the half demon stuff and thought 'Oh, yeah, death, destruction, terror, luminous eyes in the middle of class" That's why I've been super careful about anger management. How bad would it be if one student pissed me off, and I grew fangs and my eyes glowed? Not your typical teenage reaction. 

I tried to put those thoughts out of my mind as I showered and shoved on a black shirt and jeans. I skipped breakfast, though as I saddled my motorbike I wondered if that was a good decision. Being only half demon, I can live off of human food, but the demon part of me likes blood, or fear to eat, and trust me, you can't ask for either of those at the Mac Donald's drive through. 

I made sure that I started school a few days after the full moon. No, I don't turn into a demon and savage a town. Honestly, I have no idea where all the full moon myths came from. It links back to the creation of our ancestors, and its also the best time to summon a demon, or anything supernatural for that matter, but really its just the time when most demons are most active. Our senses are best then. The same goes for werewolves, I've never met one, but I do know that they don't change because of the moon. In fact, Hollywood's interpretation of most of us is ninety percent wrong, and you start talking movie facts to a vampire, they get pretty pissed off.

Anyway, I left for school that morning confident in the fact that whatever happened to me, it couldn't wreck anyones life. The only life I hadn't though I could wreck, was mine. How wrong I was.

The End

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