Chapter 1


I opened my eyes to stare up out the window by my bed. The clouds hung low. Lower than usual. They were also unnaturally grey, as if the sky were drooping in sadness. I assumed that was because the sky was sharing in my despair. What despair? Well, the main despair in every teenagers life; school. I know loads of people say they hate school, but I think school is the one who hates me. I mean, I have some friends, and, up until a couple of weeks ago, I had a boyfriend, but life seems to enjoy taunting me more than the normal teenager. 

For a start, both my parents are dead, well, I never knew my father, but my mother was hit by a train when I was five months old, so I don't remember her enough to properly miss her. I miss the security of family, but seeing as I never knew it properly, I guess I miss the security of my own thoughts. Anyway, I don't consider myself an orphan, not really. I lived with my uncle until a year ago, when I cleared out as fast as I could. He wasn't exactly a bad person, just a bad substitute for a parent. I don't have enough money for my own place, so I currently reside with my cousin, Charli. He's 19, laid back and cool. 

He eyes me now as I drag myself into the kitchen. "Morning Kiera" He raises one eyebrow at my ragged pyjamas and totally-out-of-it expression. "Coffee?"

"Ugh, black please, and toast if you're doing some." I flopped down on one of the wooden stools and rub my eyes sleepily.

Charli coughs out a chuckle "You look like you're ready for a first day of senior year"

I folded my head down onto my hands, letting out a groan. "Ugh ugh ugh, please do not  remind me!" 

He laughed "Everyone goes through it, anyway it's only for two years, then you've got the problem of finding a job and a house!"

"Thanks so much for the optimistic advice" I said sourly, then dragging myself up again, I grab the toast and my coffee and stalk out. "I'm going to get ready." 

Once in my room I shut the door and take a bite of toast, although my stomach feels kind of tight. Senior years. The years of exams and stress. The year every girl is supposed to get a cute boy to take to the end of year dance. It was by miracle that Stephen 'liked' me a few months ago. Or so I'd thought, until I'd discovered he'd been cheating on me for the last half a year. Well good riddance to him, we never did anything anyway. And I don't just mean kissing and all that, we never went out, bought each other gifts, in fact, we hardly met up at all. He just slung his arm round me in front of his mates and ignored me. Love is a hell of a lot harder than they make it sound in films.

I mooch over to my wardrobe, and pull out a t shirt and jeans, not caring if they go together or not, it's not like I own many fancy labels to get me popularity points. I yank a brush through my wild dark hair, clean my teeth and shove some makeup on. Charli winks at me as I pass through the kitchen, scooping up my school bag. "Have a good day, kiddo" He grins.

"Don't you kiddo me" I mutter as I pull the door shut behind me and turn towards the direction of the school. I think of bunking, and decide not to risk it. Sighing, I shove my key in my pocket, and set off.

The End

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