My names Alex. I'm 18 years old (technically) but I've been around for more than 300 years. I'm half human, half demon, and that usually adds up to nothing good. Up until now I tried to blend in with mortals, not be noticed. That all changed when I met her.
Names Kiera. I'm a 17 year old student and typical teenager, you know, hate school, hang out with friend, boy troubles. The average teenage life. Until he came along. And messed it all up.

In my 364 years alive I have never encountered someone alike Kiera. I've never felt anything for mortals. Nothing. They've always been there, my kind- and many others- have mingled amongst them for centuries. But humans have been oblivious to the supernatural surrounding them. No one knew. I had no problem with it, in fact, the prospect that I was lonely never crossed my mind. Until I met her.

The End

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