Demons and, Stuff

you don't get what you expect from this book.

you start to read it,
you think it is just another romance,
you think nothing bad will ever come of these people,
you think they are invincible...



dedicated to shannon hannigan. my own ninja-dragon. japanese at heart! bestest buddy ever; i can't ask for more. weetos! <3 xxxxxxx

Jenna Bernadette Isabella Simmons.

Even her name is appealing! I bet Harris sounds better than Simmons, though. ;)

And, oh man, the owner of that name. She is incredibly beautiful, sexy, pretty, gorgeous, hot yet cool, amazing, intelligent, outright stunning, creative, talented, hilarious, trustworthy, non-judgemental, a great cook, gentle, athletic, responsible, out-going, laid back, skilled, stylish, mature, thoughtful, artistic, perfect. What more could a kid ask for?

She's my lifeline.

I lose control every time I see her face. And that face! Woah! She's a beauty, alright. This earth isn't worthy of her - and, yet, she chose me. Me! Zachary Michael Harris, the luckist SOB ever. She and I have been through thick and thin, in the very strongest sense of the words. I love her so damn much, it almost hurts.

Jenna and I go back. Waaaaay back. Guess it all started when we first met.


The End

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