Say Hi!

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Chapter 4 : Say Hi!


After making an excuse and dashing away, I rounded into an alley before shifting into my Spiritual form, my two blades mounted on my back. I disappeared with the use of Feather flight and chased the demon D.E. I seemingly floated in air, but in reality, was moving so fast it seemed that way as I tore through the translucent air towards my target.

The city had been fashioned around the Old city London and as such was named after it. The founders of “ New London” had also kept the original names for several key features distinctive to London itself. One of those original landmarks was the Oxford compound. The old university which once sat proudly on the land had been destroyed and over it, was a new a university which was primarily built to study the paranormal activities that occurred all over Europe.


The only reason why a demon would be at Oxford was for it's technology. Oxford had recently developed a device that was able to harness the Divine energy all around and use it for anything. Leading scientists from all over the world had theorised that this “ Divine Energy” was possibly the building blocks that held everything together and to harness that power, would mean control over everything.

Even matter itself.


Hence why the device was currently locked in an incredibly strong and reliable vault 20 meters beneath the Oxford compound.

I land with nought but the slight 'whoosh' of the wind, feet stood securely on the grass covered ground. Closing my eyes, I concentrated on the particular D.E signal of the demon I had sensed before. A slight ripple of reality before me would be the only indication of my disappearance as I phased into the actual main body of the compound.


Large majestic doors stood proudly before me, each reflecting sunlight from their mahogany surface. I reached behind me and grabbing one of my swords, pulled it outwards, as I made my way towards the doors that stood ajar. The silver metal bolt that was meant to keep the doors close clearly sliced in half and by the seared jagged edges, probably done with a fire spell.


' Fire demon. Fantastic' I thought to myself with annoyance as I swiftly walked through the main corridor.

The walls of the corridor were completely white save the windows that had multi-coloured pieces of glass that stuck together,formed oddly beautiful windows. Along the ceiling were several paintings that where combined together to decorate the entire ceiling.


Walking further, I reached a cross road, each heading into an open ground and by my guess, probably had several passes to the several collages that littered the compound. However, I didn't have to go anywhere because my target was already heading my way. When it did appear at the other end of the north crossroad, it's yellow eyes widened in shock.It had obviously not sensed my arrival and it's surprise went well with my guess.


Give me the device” I ordered, releasing a bit of my D.E as a further intimidating factor.


The demon in turn barred it's sharp white teeth at me, the tale-tale signs of flames appearing around it as the stone beneath it started to turn red.

Without any words, it charged at me, leaping into the air and spinning as flames burst alive around it, turning the creature into a cyclone of heating coming at me.

Waiting till the last moment, I disappeared and reappeared behind the already passed cyclone, a smile dancing on my lips at the easy dodge by then my smile turned into a scowl as I realised I wasn't it's actual target.


It was escaping, using that ability as a decoy and I, like a fool, fell for it.

A growl rumbled in my throat as I chased after it, the air once again rippling at the sheer amount of power release as I sprinted forward like a human bullet. Pulling my arm back, I then slashed down, releasing an arc of golden energy that hurtled to the demon but just as it was about to reach it, the demon had already made it outside. And it was common knowledge that if a fire demon had access to the sun, it's fire capabilities would increase by ten fold. So naturally, my attack was incinerated and because I had travelled forward too, I was hit with a hot, burning sensation but as quickly as the pain came, it disappeared.


A groan escaped my lips as my pushed myself upwards, using my sword to heft myself up. Luckily, my actually body wasn't damage but unfortunately, my clothes where singed. The red jacket I wore had it's left side burned off and the base of my black combats where burned off completely.

Releasing a pulse of D.E, I could no longer sense the fire demon and I let out a sigh of relief. Facing it while the sun was still up was a foolish idea. So with a grunt, I gathered half of my energy, containing it all within me until the releasing it, there for teleporting me to my chosen destination: The Manning farm.


I landed onto my bed with a popping sound that usually accompanied Spiritual Teleportation. The door of my bedroom creaked open and there stood my father, Alex .


Happy Hunting?” He asked, warm brown eyes twinkling behind the thin rimmed glasses he wore.

Alex Manning was in his late thirties with dark hair that had several grey streaks in it. He's been married to Helena Manning and both lived on a large farm called Mannings. Due to the farm's large size, Mannings was home to 30 employees who were all cared for by Mrs manning.


Not really. Encountered a fire demon but the little creep managed to get away” I replied, a scowl on my face.


Alex laughed a little before ruffling my blonde hair, causing my scowl to turn into a light smile as his contagious grin made me smile.


Can't win 'em all son. Now hurry up and get dressed. You mother's got your lunch ready” He said as he made his way out.


And also wear something suitable. You're going to be visiting your aunt and uncle to collect some work documents that we need” he added before walking out of the room and closing the door.


Heeding his words, I took a cream coloured towel before walking out of my room and to the bathroom. After a few minutes, I was out of the bathroom and into my room once more, looking from some clothes that looked good but weren't too business like. Finding the right ones, I put the on before heading downstairs, black jacket held in my grasp.


Helena was already in the kitchen, setting a drink down onto the table as I walked in. She smiled at me before turning back to the sink as she began to clean the dishes.


Your father told me a demon appeared today ?” she asked, humming lowly to the low tune of the radio.


Helena Manning was a little woman, only reaching 5''4. She also had dark hair with less streaks of grey in her hair than her husband mainly due to her being in her middle thirties.


Yeah” I replied, already forking the food into my mouth.

“ Did you manage to banish it or did it escape?” She asked once more, this time turning round to face me as she removed the yellow rubber gloves off of her hands. Mainly because my mouth was full, I shook my head.


Better luck next time . Now! You have to get going if you're going to be back in time for supper “

The End

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