The Demon In Me...

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Chapter 3: The Demon In Me..



A cold shudder involuntary ran through me as my feet walked along the pure white bridge of concrete suspended in air of their own accord. Blank whiteness was all around me as I seemed to be walking on the bridge for a minute or so until I reached an alter. The alter was designed simply enough. A simple arc that was positioned around a decent sized pond filled with colourless water like liquid and in the pond where two medium height podiums. Sat atop the podium where two orbs. One Light. One Dark.

hen suddenly, the podium holding the dark orb began to shudder as it started to lower until the dark orb was fully in the pond. Then the liquid turned black…



It was like I wasn’t in control of my body.

I was watching.


I gave a dark chuckle as I opened my eyes and looked into Eros’s surprised ones. I saw my eye’s reflection. Black cornea and yellow irises.

I quickly raised my knee into Eros’s abdomen, pushing him back slightly therefore releasing his hold on my neck and then, I lashed out with my fist. Bone connected with rough texture as His face turned sharply as the blow connected with His face but I didn’t let up. I just kept on hitting Him, the same mantra repeating itself within my head ;

‘ Left punch, right punch, dodge, kick, left punch, right punch, dodge, kick ’ until Eros had enough and called onto his power, the dark chocking feeling returning as He charge towards, nothing but a fast blur that rammed into me with the force of a freight train that sent me barrelling into a cluster of tress that collapsed onto me and around me.

Eros grinned and began to stalk towards me, the reptilian tail that sprouted from tail bone slithering from side to side but then, He stopped in his tracks, his ears twitching slightly and then, with a frustrated primal growl, large wings that seemed to have a leathery shine due to the lunar glow spread out from behind Eros, giving him a demonic beauty. His eyes then turned to my pain racked, fallen form, an emotion unrecognisable flashing within the yellow irises for just a second.


“ We’ll meet again ” was all He said before taking to the skies and a sense of relief spread through my form. As my eyes began to close of their own accord, a sense of for bedding built like a ball deep in the pit of my stomach….




My eyes slowly opened, before shutting once more as sunlight streamed through my window. There was a light throb on at the front of my head which I caressed with my fingers in attempt to ease it away but to no avail. Propping myself onto my elbows, I pushed myself into a sitting position, finally take note of the white bandages wrapped around my midsection, it's soft texture slowly easing away the pain cause by my rising.

My attention was then drawn to the cream coloured door opposite my bed which opened with no sound save the ' click' of the handle being turned. My teacher, Mr Morris, walked into the medical room. He grabbed the wooden furnished chair that was sat next to a bare table beside the bed and sat down on my right, His fingers interlocking in their usual manner as they rested on his knees.

Per usual, His thin black rimmed glasses rested on the bridge of his slightly long nose, enhancing the seriousness of his mildly coloured brown eyes that looked at me.


“ Aro, How are you feeling ? ” He asked, sunlight reflecting from the glasses.


“ I've been better but I think I'll be fine ” I replied.

I knew he hadn't come here for chit-chat. It was there, in the depths of his eyes.

“ Why are really here Sir? `` I asked, noting the slight hostility within my voice and I knew he heard it too as He lifted his glasses onto the top of the bridge of his nose with a long,slender finger.


“ I'm really sorry about this. I did try to stop it but - ”


“ Spit it out already ” I interrupted, my fist clenching slowly.


“ Yesterday, We sensed a large aura of demon D.E around you. The council has ordered your death. ” He said, His voice penetrating my like cold, ice shards. He then rose and then grabbing the handle of his sword, it was pulled out with a metallic screech.


Then there was a flash of light.


My eyes opened and I fell down onto a soft, cushioned surface while holding my abdomen as the dizziness began to fade away.


“ We haven't got long Master Aro so I will try to be quick ” said Alfred, his grand fatherly Gray eyes greeting me as He pulled and grabbed the sword and scabbard from their shelf which was mounted to the cream coloured wall.


“ During your brief bout with the demon, it appears you un-earthed your demon heritage. And as such, you have a bounty upon your head. My job has been to help you grow and when needed, assist you. All your belongs are there - ” He pointed to the bag that had a few scrolls sticking out of it.


“ And your sword is here ” He said, placing it within my hands.


“ Now, get dressed immediately and meet me in the court yard in 5 minutes ” He finished, already halfway through my door and down the spiralling stairs.


I heeded his words and getting dressed quickly, I used feather flight and appeared in the court yard, pausing for a moment to look at the earthly green vegetation that covered the courtyard and gave it it's beauty. I shook my head and walked forward briskly and quickly, finally reaching the the centre of the court yard.

Stood in the centre of a stone base in the ground was Alfred, another sword in it's scabbard resting in his raised palms. I stopped in surprise but motioning with his hands, I resumed my walking till I met him in the centre.


“ Alfred what's - ” but my question was interrupted by a raised hand.


“ I know that you have questions Master but time is of the essence” He said in an urgent manner. He pressed the blade into my hands and it was then, when I looked up, I saw the sadness of Alfred.


“ When you reach wherever you do, try and locate a fellow called Samuel Dixon. He will be a great help to you in fulfilling your destiny. It's only a shame that I cannot be there to help you”


“ Wait! What do you mean?” I asked but Alfred seemed to ignore me as he had already began drawing a symbol on the floor with his blood. He then mouthed an incantation silently and then stood back as the symbol glowed a brilliant blue.


“ This is good bye Master. I shall miss you” and with that said, I was pushed into the spiralling void of blue that enclosed around me...




I shook my head as the bell rand, signalling the end of class. As of recently, these old memories had been appearing and replaying themselves in my head more frequently.


And it troubled me.


I grabbed my bag and placed it on my shoulders before exiting the calls room and made my way through the sea of students that attended Avion High. I had landed in a large city that closely resembled an olden city called London. It was only later when I would find out that it was built and based on London, an old city located in England.


After landing in the city, I was taken in by an old couple that lived on the outskirts of the city. There, I was employed full time to take care of the farm which they owned. They where so kind to me they decided to adopt me and now, My name was Axel Manning.


New name, New beginning.


Of course it hadn't forgotten about what had happened or about myself. With gratitude for what they had done, I told them all about me and to my surprise, they weren't frightened about the fact I was half an angel, half a demon. They said it didn't matter if I was a fairy. I was their son and that was all they cared about.


I shook my head again with a frown. It seemed as if reminiscing was my agenda for the month.


“ Dude, hurry up! I gotta get home soon” yelled Tom, waving at me to hurry up and that I did.


“ Not my fault it's like walking through water when getting out” I said, annoyed but He just waved his hand dismissively and walked on so naturally, I sighed and caught up to him.


Then I felt it.


Demon Divine Energy.


The End

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