It Begins....

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Chapter 2 : It Begins…


I could feel my skin slowly begin to flush as I gazed and stood by the red-orange flames that danced in the wind, the Academy nothing but slowly blackening brick work in the fire. Suddenly, an opaque shadow jetted out of the top window of the Academy, a shower of glass fragments falling along with the shadow, a gold coloured scroll secured within it’s arms.

And just before the shadow crashed into the burnt ground, it landed onto its tiptoes before rapidly pushing off them into a forward roll.

The shadow seemed to notice me as its head turned towards me, its blood red irises stared at me, the black slits for pupils seemingly staring into the confinement of my soul. As if searching for the fear within me and it didn’t have to wait long as my heart gave a jolt of fear.

Then, by stroke of light, a golden light glinted for a fraction of a second and due to this, a part of the shadow’s face and a gasp escaped my lips as I saw the onyx coloured horn that adorned the now revealed male’s forehead.


“Demon!” I exclaimed, anger bubbling deep inside as my previous fear was replaced with killing intent.

At the back of my mind, I cursed not having my sword with me but I would have to do with out it. Moving before He could react, I’d used a simple Pluma Vuelo and in a burst of speed, appeared behind Him. Grabbing the scroll that was nestled on his back, I wrenched off and disappeared once more, this time appearing at top of one of the intact pillars that formed the main door of the Academy.


“Why did you attack the Academy!?” I roared above the crackling and hissing of the fire that blazed all around me. Of course I knew that it had to do with the golden scroll within my grasp but I knew there was more to it. A sinister chuckle echoed through the forest as the demon rose to his knees, walking slowly out of the darkness, a mild breeze of wind travelling by, wafting the smoke away and ruffling the pure black coat the demon wore.


“Give me one good reason why I should tell you any of my business? ” He replied , a sly grin etched on his pale face, revealing normal teeth save the above average long canines.

I felt my hands clench into a tight fist as my anger began to rose.


“ If you don’t give me my answers, I guess I’ll have to beat them out of you ” I said back and with that open invitation, He disappeared and reappeared beside me, a glove covered fist hurtling towards me rapidly but I reacted faster and tilted my body slightly.

This mere movement caused the fist to speed past my face, the back of the knuckles a hair’s breadth away from my nose. I heard a grunt of frustration from my opponent as I grabbed His other hand's wrist and pulled Him towards Me, my knee already beginning it’s ascension to meet his abdomen but surprisingly, He released himself from my grasp and using said hand, He pushed off my rising knee and twisting, He vanished a quick flash and crackle of lightning and appeared 2 feet away from the pillar I was stationed on.


“ Before I kill you, I’d like to know your name ” He said in a rather startling calm voice as His thumb and index finger held the middle finger of the white glove He wore.

My eyes narrowed warily.

I couldn’t fight him properly due to the absence of my sword but if I had any hope of fighting Him to a stand still, I would have to deposit the scroll somewhere else due to the hindrance it was causing. I spared a quick, fleeting glance at the landscape below me and spotting a small patch of grass that was partially covered by a medium size slab of white concrete, I dropped the scroll behind me, my body shielding it from view as it dropped down onto the ground soundlessly before rolling under the slab as predicted, hiding it from view.


“ Since You asked so nicely ” I replied, carrying on with the banter,


“ My name is Aro Mestephes and it’s only fair if you give me your name in turn ” I said, already pumping D.E into my legs, reading Pluma Vuelo.


“Fair enough. My name is Eros Hesperdies ” He said, fully pulling of the glove off his right hand before fully facing his palm towards me.


“But you can call me…Eurynomous!!” He roared, an almighty grin spreading as the myriad of runes that formed a circle in the centre of his palm glowed a fiery red. The black coat that was worn by Eros fluttered to the ground as His transformation began. A torrent of darkness, vile and putrid, burst from His position. Fear once again over-whelmed my senses as I realised what had happened and even before our fight began, I knew I had lost severely.

Due to the amount of D.E being produced, I began to find it harder to breathe as the energy seemed to weight down on Me, collapsing me to my knees as I panted, my lungs expanding to their fullest to give me oxygen. Then, the weight was gone.

I gulped.


“ Still cocky Mr Mestephes? ” said a taunting voice from behind the blanket of smoke and before I could reply with a witty comeback, the air was drove once again from my lungs. Pain shot throughout my body as my hands tried to dislodge the fist against my stomach but another sudden blow to the head had me spiralling downwards to the fast approaching ground. I managed to turn my body accordingly as I landing, causing me to land on the edge of my shoulder and due to that, I rolled sideways and skidded into a low crouch, my hand gripping my stomach as a way to decrease the pain but luck wasn’t with me as I received a sharp blow by something incredibly strong. So strong I was sent flying again, bouncing off and back to the ground like a pebble skipping water till I crashed into several trees till I came to a halt.


My breath was now coming in short rasps.


I hefted myself into a crouch, then into a standing position which made me move my dislocated shoulder and putting back in place, I bit my lip to hold back the scream of pain that was waiting to burst out but I didn’t let my guard down one second. I already made the foolish mistake of relaxing guard and the results of doing that where very clear.

I sensed movement from my left and leapt back, my eyes widening to the size of dinner plates as an entire row of trees toppled over with a crash, raising dirt and dusts into the air as an amused chuckle sounded from before me.


“ I thought you were going to beat answers out of me Aro ” said Eros, his voice several tones deeper as He walked towards Me, the moonlight illuminating his demonic features.

Long onyx coloured horns protruded from his forehead in the shape of an arc, the tip glinting from the lunar glare. I could see half his face which seemed to be covered in scale like armour that was as black as his horns. Said scales covered his whole body save his eyes which had yellow irises and a black cornea. The scales then somehow blended into his hair which was a dark red in a spiky style that was going backwards.

I growled as his taunt hit full on.

Even I knew not to rise to the bait but nevertheless, I charged, my fist reared backwards and as I reached him, before He could grab my throat with his hands that where covered in black gauntlets , I used Pluma Vuelo and reappeared behind him. My fist rocketed forward like a piston and much to my utter surprised, My fist was caught. He laughed before simply sharply moving my fist forwards, snapping my wrist, eliciting a cry of pain. He pulled me up by my wrist and embedded his knee into my solar plexus. I gasped in pain. He then back handed me with a closed fist and then slammed me into a tree, my head impacting against wood with a rather audible crunch as a coppery taste filled my mouth and blackness covered my vision…

The End

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