Demons And Angels

What if demons and angels existed? Both waging war against each other for centuries? And what if one day, a discovery uncovered rocks the foundation of the world as we know it....


Demons & Angels


Chapter 1: Prelude


Nearly Fifty-Thousand years ago, a great battle occurred. This battle nearly caused the destruction of the earth. This was a battle of Good Vs Evil.

Good Won.

We are the decedents of God’s followers.

God’s tools for the cleansing of evil.

We are the line of protection of Humans from Demons.

We..Are Angels of the Lord…


-Extract from the Tomb of heaven

-Page 4

-Messiah’s beginning



4 Years Ago...


I could feel the ball fly from my hand, a ‘swoosh’ emanating from it as it hurtled and crashed into the six white pins that stood stationary on the brown, wooden shelf. Cheers erupted from behind me, blending with the festival’s joyful mood.


‘’ Not a bad shot if I do say so myself ‘’ commented the stall owner, cupping His grey bearded chin in a façade of thought, a light grin etched onto his moderately wrinkled face.


‘’ Pick a prize ‘’ He said, motioning to the six dolls that hanged from the stall’s wall. I gave each a brief glance before pointing a finger at the doll of a tan coloured lion.


‘’ I’ll take that one ‘’ I replied. I then held the lion in my hand after receiving it from the clerk who then proceeded to shoo I and my friends away. We all just grinned and walked away. I glanced down at the eight year old child next to me before kneeling down before him and giving him the lion.

Charlie gave me a full blown toothy smile before hugging me, His small arms just barely encircling me. I looked away to my right as I felt some heat rush to my cheeks and I as I looked up, I saw Heather’s face smile back at me, further increasing the heat in my cheeks.

Then, all of a sudden, a great big ‘boom’ could be heard as the ground gave three great shudders.


‘’ What the hell was that!? ‘’ exclaimed Dean, sage green eyes wide in surprise but I ignored him and looked up, my own eyes growing in size as approximately four very tall columns of smoke seemingly swayed.


‘’ I’m going to see what happened ‘’ I said and before any of them could protest, I channelled a minute amount of Divine Energy into the muscles of my legs, therefore in theory, would increase the speed of which I could travel, and it did. This was a physical technique known as ‘ Pluma Vuelo ‘, formerly known in English as ‘Feather flight ’.

I could feel a slight tingle within my legs as I sped off towards the Academy, my eyebrows furrowed in anxiety. The cause of my anxiety was mainly due the fact that I could sense a vaguely familiar trace of D.E (Divine Energy). Even I knew that I probably had no idea who the person or creature was but something possessed me to go to the location, and in some way, I’m glad I did.  

The End

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