I Won't Shut Up.Mature

I was with Lucia when she received the picture. She smiled brightly. Lucia, Lucia! She may be getting better, but you know you will never. 

If she can get better, I can get better.

What is better? You have so many problems, you can't possible count them all! You don't even know what bothers you half of the time, how do you expect to fix them! See, I will NEVER be going away. You may think you've gotten rid of me for the moment, but I will always be around.

She started to cry as she stared at her phone. Lucia, Tavie is already going through enough, you can't text her. You've gotta deal with the yourself. Tavie might abandon you if she sees you aren't getting better. She continued to cry, knowing what I was saying was true. She walked across the room and pulled out a notebook. 

Darling. What are you doing? You can't write. It won't help.

I'm not just writing. Shut up.

Don't you ever tell me to shut up.

She ignored me! She pulled out her pen. Let's try something original shall we? You are unloved, you know its true! You aren't special, you have nothing to offer anybody. You wear a fake smile, and your guilty of ruining your family! Are you listening to me?

I looked down to what she was writing. She was writing my lies. Ha! She knew it to be the truth! She remembered every single one of them. She wrote them neatly on one side of the paper.

Then she pulled our her Bible.

Lucia! That thing doesn't hold the answers! LISTEN TO ME! She was struggling to shut me out, but she kept ignoring me. She opened her Bible and opened to some freaking verse about God loving her. I watched silently as she opened to another verse about God as her "Father". She continued writing out the verses. Doesn't matter. They will mean nothing. 

Father, I give this to you! LUCIA. HE CAN'T FIX IT. I know I can't do this on my own......show me what to do! Heal my broken heart......

The last thing I saw HIM. He held a sword. He was running towards her, and the last thing I saw before I ran was him holding her in his arms. She then texted Tavie. You little rat. But don't you worry my dear. I won't be going away. 

The End

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