Just LiesMature

I'll try Lucia again. My dear Lucia. She won't abandon me. I run back to her, the light around Tavie biting at my heels. That light won't reach my Lucia. 

Lucia, Lucia! I see you've read Tavie's text. Don't believe a word she says, she is just doing what is expected of her. So don't believe it, you need to do what you were about to do before.......

No! Absolutely not! She cares. She loves me! She cares for me! I don't have to do this alone anymore! Why should I listen to you? You are nothing! You will not define me anymore!

She knelt on the floor, and started talking to her Father. 

I could barely hear her I closed my ears. This hurt me Lucia. You will quickly abandon him.

......Abba please help me never to do this again. I don't want to do this again. I can't do this alone though. I. Need. Help. 

Oh you'll do it again. Look at those hands. Look at those nails. Their colors hide what hides beneath. You'll NEVER be able to succeed. You are a loser. You will never succeed at this fight. 

......and make these voices go away. Show me the truth. 

I fled as soon as I saw the light surrounding her. Don't you worry my darlings. Mornings bring a new day. I will be back.

The End

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