I Hate Her.Mature

So she told Lucia.

Wow, Tavie. Now even I hate you.

Not that I didn't hate you before.

How could you do this to me?

I made you thin. I gave you what you wanted.

And you do this to me.

A step towards ruining everything I did for you.


How do you feel?

You told someone a dark secret, little Miss Tavie. A dark secret meant to stay between me and you. And that Father of yours that sticks His nose in everything.

After all I've done to myself....After I'm finally thin...I'm hurting myself to feel a little better... I'm at the place I thought I'd be to be happy again...

And I'm still not happy. I don't want to be here anymore.

So I'm getting help. I hate you more than I hate myself.

I wasn't fooled. She can think what she wants...

I've sent a few girls my way in what they thought was "recovery" my dear.

The End

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