Back to Lucia. 

I was with her in her room. She was texting my precious Tavie. Oh Tavie, you stupid fool. She eventually told Lucia about her little problem with the knives. I can use this. As Lucia read the text explaining what Tavie had done, tears welled in her eyes. 

This isn't possible. This isn't. Tavie is perfect. Stuff like this doesn't happen to perfect people. Oh Jesus help me! I can't control what she does, and I can't even tell her about me because......I just can't.

That's right darling. You can't. You have to be the strong one now. You have to be the perfect one. You can't have problems. You've gotta help your friend. 

Fine. I'll wait until she's better to tell her about me. I can help her get better then tell her in a little while. 

But you know if you tell her, she'll abandon you. Nobody wants to deal with a person as messed up as you. Oh and Lucia! You probably made Tavie's problem worse. I mean, you should have seen it coming, after all you are her best friend.

I should have been a better friend. If I was perfect I would have seen this coming, if I was perfect I would know what to say. If I tell her about me, I'll just make her worse.

Yes stupid I know. That's why you won't tell her. You won't say a word. And if you do tell her, she'll stop caring about you. She doesn't love you anyway, she doesn't even know the real you! So stop crying and smile. Be strong. Fake it for your friend. Give her good advice, hypocrite.

The End

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