Trapped InsideMature

Meanwhile... Tavie. *vicious smile*

I was spending lots of time with Tavie, ensuring that the cutting episode happened close to daily.

She was exasperating herself, and I convinced her to forget anything God told her.

I have to admit... God was scaring me a little bit. How could He still want her after I was destroying her so violently? Anyway, He must see something in her, because I had to work extra hard for awhile to keep her going. Luckily, as I mentioned earlier... She was all mine.

Her friendship with Lucia was also worrying me. Everytime the phone buzzed and Lucia's name appeared on the screen, I worried Tavie would give into the temptation to tell Lucia everything. I always managed to convince her out of it, however.

Her dizzy spells delighted me. As did her exhaustion from excercize and headaches from lack of nutrition. As did her dependency on laxatives and ultimately... her desire to waste herself away to nothing.

She was trapped inside me, numb to the Light that managed to reach her even than.

The End

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