Until You Exist No MoreMature

That night I went home with Tavie... I trusted Lucia with a good friend of mine.

She sat late at night finishing her boatload of homework... a Friday night spent at home. Because she isn't worth spending time with her friends. Not that you have any, Tavie.

She was alone in the middle of a room... the sadness which I enveloped her with 24/7 was more than evident on this lovely night.

I slithered near her, gently laying my hands on her little shoulders. Wrapping my head around neck, I brought my lips to her ear.

You're wasting away. Your life is meaningless. You're worth more dead than alive, little Miss Tavie.

She closed her book with an apathetic face before dragging herself to her bedroom and locking the door.

Just let yourself go, Sweetheart.

Her emotions overwhelmed the pretty face I blinded her from.

I could see her wrestling between the truth she was half aware of and the lies she was drowning in. The lies are your only truth, Honey.

She climbed into bed. Shoot. Gah she frustrates me.

Oh, but you won't sleep. I kept her awake for so long. She tossed and turned, but tears kept coming until she was too exhausted to cry but was unable to sleep... thanks to moi.

Come on, Darling, get out of bed. It's useless right now.

I handed her a pocket knife I found in her drawer. Do as you wish with it, Puppet.

She flashed the blade and stared at it for a few minutes. Sighing as if the whole world despised her and there was nothing she could do to change it.... She tightened her grip on the knife.

Pursing her lips... She slashed the blade against her china-like skin. I half expected it to shatter... But then it bled. So beautiful.

Keep it up, Tavie! Yes! Perfect!

She continued until her legs appeared ... ugly. 

But she kept going even then. I. Was. So. Proud.

Slice until you exist no more, Dearie.

But she became too exhausted and climbed into bed, and I let her sleep.

And I let her dream of lovely, lovely things.

Lovely things.


The End

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