I decided to stay with little Miss Tavie for a couple days... I... err... She was on a roll.

She woke up early the next morning, unable to sleep. Her stomach growled ferociously.

She shook her head around trying to shake away the tormenting nightmares she had awaken from... Only to wake up to this.

Sun beams streamed in and glittered off her shimmery glossy hair... Hmmm. God can try all He wants to. She's mine.

I knew she loved sunshine, so of course God knew she loved sunshine.

I watched her sigh in an almost happy way... So I got right to work.

Well good MORNING, Tavie! Aren't you looking disguisting today! Did you eat in your sleep or something, haha, you're fat! Hey so I've got this fantastic idea! Ever heard of laxatives? This is the 21st century, my dear! You're going to get to try them today! Hop to it!

She looked...almost excited to try it! Yes, that's right, Tavie! They're wonderful. Wonderful things. I already checked! Your cabinet has them! Go try it! Yummy yummy!

She rolled out of bed. Oh wait stop, Tavie! Look in the mirror first!

She stopped before reaching her reflection.... Ah. Fear was setting in.

A smile stretched across my face. Yes. Yes. Yes.

She pulled herself before the reflected image. Tears welled in her eyes and she burried her face in her hands before jerking her head up and turning toward the door, headed toward the kitchen cabinet.

She might have taken a little more than the precious bottle recommended. I massaged her shoulder. Good girl, Tavie. Good girl.

Now go jogging.

She hadn't eaten in awhile, and in a few hours even that will be gone. She was losing now. It was just a matter of time before she won't be able to do anything...

Without me, that is.

The End

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