Brava, TavieMature

I handed her a pen and pencil. Alright Tavie, here's what you can and can't eat.

Basically, if you like it, you're not allowed to eat it. Because you eat too much of it.

She wrote it all down. Now she's accountable to her piece of paper. She's the type that will follow it diligently.... too diligently, doctors would say.

And remember how you were taught that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? That's just not true. Especially for you, my dear. You can't lose weight without going hungry.

She's so easy to mess with.

Day one of changing herself was off to a great start.

She entered the kitchen... I surrounded her with delicious foods... her usual favorites... And told her she couldn't have any of them.

Her mom offered her pancakes. She didn't want them.

And than, I had a breakthrough with little Miss Tavie:

I've already eaten breakfast, Mom.

Brava, Tavie. I swelled with pride.


The End

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