Fallen... Yet Again.Mature

Oh! I almost forgot! Tavie's still around.

Today, she'll not only begin hating herself in a way she won't be able to let go of... She's going to start doing something about it.

See what I've done? I've taken nearly impossible creations to work with... and with my incredible talent, convinced them that they are not worth themselves.

Look at her standing in that bathroom staring at her ugliness... taking it all in... I'm just in time.

Hello, my dear Tavie! Miss me? I missed you. Hey, I'm going to comfort you. Yeah, that's right! You heard me correctly! See, why not just do something about your ugliness? If you could drop a few pounds... You'd be so much more attractive. Just a few pounds is all.

She responded... She stared at herself with contempt. Tightened her fists. Squeezed her eyes shut. Attempted to cut off her source of endless tears. Slowly unraveling her heightened anger, she looked one last time at her reflection, before shaking her head yes.

Yes, I will lose some weight. Than I can be happy again.

Except that's really not what she said.





Yes, I have fallen into your trap, yet again.

The End

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