On to Another Level of My Homemade HellMature

The very next day, the opportunity to use this new train of thought presented itself.

Lucia had been messaging her father, the father that left her. 

Remember Lucia, be the bigger person. Be good. Don't mess up.

So she typed him what she thought was the perfect note. Maybe a little to perfect. She even threw some accusations in there. That's my girl.

He responded back, and I could see the shock in her eyes. He had hurt her so badly. The pain was boiling in her heart. I could see it happening. I wrapped my arms around her spindly frame. She showed her mother the message, and her mom looked at her.

"Are you ok?" she asked.

I could see Lucia struggle. I squeezed her even tighter. The pain was overflowing but she had messed up. She had failed at being perfect. She was indeed imperfect. And for that, she must be punished.

"I'm fine." she responded calmly. 

Yet another victory. But I was a little shocked to hear her think these words. 

I hate myself. 

Ha. You should. You messed up. You are worthless. Nobody loves you. 

I hate myself.

I grinned. Let the self-hate begin. 

The End

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