We're Going to Be the BEST of Friends.Mature

I got this one pretty worked up before I returned to the ugly one.

I was on a roll at this time. The beginning of a few miserable, unforgettable years for two "fearfully and wonderfully made" gems... as their "Father" would call them.

Did I mention the ugly one's name? No, I don't believe I did. Her name was Tavie.

Tavie was becoming one of my favorites.

She drove me slightly crazy at first. The adoration some had for her seemingly tender heart, the putrid smile that slithered across her face and danced with her compassionate words to others, her direct defiling of my life's work in the slimy sweet words she smothered in desparate faces.

She didn't fool me.

Within her petite frame, beneath the layers of disdainful joy, under the perfection she had piously painted herself with....was a flaw. A flaw only I could play with - manipulate - sculp into the shape I wanted.

I owned a small part of her that I had claimed in her backyard that day...

She was worthless. She is worthless. She always will be worthless.

I found her wrapped up in herself, tightly clinging to her pale knees in the corner of her bedroom... clothes strewn everywhere... tears staining her freckled face, pouring from the stunning eyes that drew people into her unpleasant character.

I had come at the perfect time. One of my friends must have already spent a little bit of time with her.

Aww, does little Miss Tavie not like something about herself? Are you not perfect? Aww, let me help you precious Tavie.

I held her fragile hand. Every part of her was vulnerable... Every part of her would be mine.

I pulled her to the mirror.

Haha! You were right, Tavie! Look how hideous you are! If I saw you, I wouldn't give you a second glance! Goodness, Tavie, it's everything about you! I can hardly stand the sight! If you have any brain whatsoever, you'll agree with me. Now.

Oh, she totally did. I stood there watching her yank out those beastly sandy blonde locks, slap her face in the mirror, slap her own face, kick the clothes she looked disguisting in. She looked so hopeless, helpless, weak. Was no one going to be there for her?

Oh, did you notice something? Yeah, I forgot to mention, Honey... I won't be comforting you! Are you crazy? Well yes, I mean we know you are. But I'll just be over here, you just keep hating yourself. You have no reason to thing otherwise of your abhorrent self.

We're going to be the best of friends, Tavie.

The End

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