Beginning of the EndMature

Thinking of her makes me think of another one of my favorites. She's also beautiful, loved, and has potential. She has so much going against her though. I think back to when she first allowed me in, when she first stumbled.

It was such a beautiful victory.....On the outside, she seemed so innocent. So perfect. The picture of everything desirable brought together into one person. The perfect girl along with her perfect family. Of course their not, but this was just the beginning. This one required more planning.

I had already set the stage.

Tension was in the air. I deeply breathed in the hate. I felt the power of anger. It was a wonderful feeling. I could smell the fear of the mother, just waiting for her prince charming to erupt. I sat back and watched the show unfold. Suddenly, he exploded. He angrily yelled hurtful words, and I feel her pain. I love strife. I sauntered over and sat next to my precious. She cowered alone in the corner, unaware of my presence.

I could see her struggling.

Struggling to keep what was bursting out of her mind under control. My time had come.

She opened herself up to me when she started doubting.

You don't have problems, darling. There is nothing wrong with this. This is the way life is. 

She stopped trembling for a minute, then started yet again as she rolled these thoughts through her head. Is this all there is to life? Endless hurt and confusion? 

Oh delightful.

I hadn't expected her to want to be truly perfect until later in my plan. But this came together nicely. Absolutely beautiful. 

Yes darling. You need to be perfect in order to keep them together. No more stress, they can't take it. Just sit and listen, that's what you need to do. 

You. Must. Be. Perfect. 

I remember her struggle to maintain her glazed face, then saw it all disappear. She put on the straight face. She stuffed all that she was feeling deeper into herself. She listened to both of them make their pleas separately, quietly attentive. She didn't say how she felt, but offered advice. That was her first stumble. When she silenced her own voice. The beginning of her end.

My first victory. 

I'm somewhat astounded that she fell so quickly to my tantalizing thoughts. It didn't take that much effort. I love my work. I pull myself from the memories, once again eager to go check on my girls.

The End

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