She's All Mine.Mature

She totally bought it! The joy from her face disappeared as she seemed to be confused... Where did that come from?

She had no idea, ha ha! I just sat there and kept provoking it. Humans. They've got all this good stuff, and they still listen to me. How I love my job.

I'm worthless? She was asking herself. Well, I mean maybe. When I think about it, what about me is worth anything?

Oh, I'm good. I'm so good.

Not only are you worthless, Sweetheart, you're ugly, too.

Am I? Well, I suppose so. I mean... My hair. My friends' hair shines and falls straight down their backs... Mine's so stringy. And the color is all wrong.

Good! I was worried she'd stop at hair, but than she said wrong. It was easy from there. Hmmm, what else could I tell her is wrong? Oh, I have a perfect one. It's always a popular one. Let me see if it works this young.

Honey, not only are you worthless... and ugly... Darling, you're fat.

Oh... Oh I suppose I am. I'm fat.

She was all mine.

The End

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