Demonic WhispersMature

I'm writing this story through the character of a demon.
I intend for it to reveal how sinister the devil's intentions are, to hopefully share with you all how a victory for him is harmful to you.

There she is, one of my favorite girls.

How lovely it is to relax after spending days and days messing with all these grounded people that won't listen to me. I'll take a break and talk to her. After all, she always listens to me, and the more she gets to know me, the easier it is for her to trust me. How I love relationships.

It's funny... I thought she would never go for someone like me. She's beautiful, loved by all, has so much potential.

My bravery paid off though! It didn't even take too long for her to fall for me.

It was probably all the things I tell her. She totally believes me.

I can still remember it... The first time we talked. She was so young, I simply adore relationships that begin young.

She was happily walking up her beautiful backyard holding a flower many find delightful. I personally don't see the attraction.

She seemed so... happy. I just had to say something.

What I told her... She has never forgotten. I'm sure she will remember it always, as it began our special bond.

As she joyously took in the breathtaking surroundings,

I whispered in her ear. Something so simple.







The End

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