Demonic PeachesMature

Tengu's don't only live in Japan, but in England too. The mysterious, alluring Crow Demons live all over the world, but we are going to focus on Molly Naomi, a simple 15 year old with dreams and apsirations... which did not include becoming a tengu's bride....

I stared at the demon which stared right back at me, I pursed my lips before knocking it away with my hand. It was only small one...

My name is Molly Naomi, and I can see demons. Ever since I can remember, actually. It sucks, I'm shunned and treated like an outcast; I've only a few friends and they still think I'm insane. I think I might be, but then how do I get the cuts and injuries from them? Am I inflicting them on myself? I don't know...

The little demon scrambled back onto the table, squeaking angrily. It jumped up and scratched my face, dragging it's tiny claws along my cheek.

'Ouch!' I cried, clutching the cuts which had beads of blood appearing on them, 'does any one have a plaster?'

'Why would we... shit! Molly! Your cheeks pouring blood! Someone get a teacher! Quick!' Alice, one of  my friends screamed, running over to me, knocking the evil little demon off the table in the process.

'It's fine... I feel fine! I just need a plaster!' I told everyone who'd crowded around, smiling, then wincing in pain as my cuts twinged.

'Bullshit! You need to go to hospital! How the fuck did you do that?!' Max, another one of her friends roared, grabbing her arm. At that same time the teacher came in and screamed, dashing over with a paper towel.

'Molly! Molly! How on earth did this happen?' The teacher yelped, her voice going dangerously high as she dabbed the cloth on my cheek. Whispers filled the classroom and more teachers piled into the room, followed my curious students.

I blushed as people stared.

This doesn't happen too much, it's usually just a scratch, but sometimes, just sometimes those scratches expand and worsen. It usually takes a month or so to heal, which sucks, but at least it heals.

My life is messed up and wrong, but at least I haven't died... yet.

The End

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