Demonic NightmareMature

 Chapter 13- SHAME

Kate turned round and it felt like she stud into a nightmare. As lying there on the bench was her true love dead no it can’t be he must be resting is all yeah that’s it he must of got tired from saving me. Kate moved over to his body and grabbed hold of him Christ he felt like he was frozen but he did feel cold a lot so I know he would warm up soon.

Kate” Come on lazy bones rise and shine your girlfriend is here”

But there was no answer only silence filled the air then she looked away from his face and saw what her mind refused to show her before as it was hiding it to protect her. All she could say was “Rrryan no this can’t be but I talked to him in his mind and he looked fine no no nooooooooooooooooooooooooo”.

Kate leant closer to his body even though her hair was getting soaked in his blood she didn’t care she had to feel his chest that made the world feel alright and that she was capable of getting though the problems life through at her.  Then she started to cry out loud “How did I let this happen it’s because I wasn’t strong enough to fight my demons, WHY? Did he, Dawid, Dan and Sophie have to suffer for me being so weak.”

“Please take me instead just bring them all back or give me a chance to make everything right again as I can’t live without them in my life. Even though Sophie wasn’t a part of the people that mean the world to me I still killed someone who was innocent.”  

What the hell was wrong with me? As she walked she found a knife glistening in blood on the floor then images of Dan being killed flashed in her mind and she nearly dropped the knife on the floor in disgust. But this is something she decided she needed to do so she wiped the blood from the knife off onto her clothes so she could have a hard look at her reflection.  

Stranger that is the first thing she thought when she saw her reflection in the knife’s reflection as she didn’t know who she was anymore as who she was before would never hurt anyone let alone kill the people that mean the world to her. Her identity and what she stood for was ripped away from her all in one day how did her life slip away and get out of hand so quickly?

Just as she was about to pray for a sign so she would know if her brothers, Sophie and her lover went peacefully a flash of light beamed and nearly blinded her vision.

No her eyes must be playing tricks on her as standing right in front of her was Dan, Dawid and her one true love Ryan. She couldn’t express how pleased she was to see them and be so close to them but she didn’t understand why they were here after everything she put them through.

Then Ryan spoke” Kate your back it’s really you my plan worked”.

Kate” Your plan worked so you planned to die for me why?”

Ryan” We all planned to die for you because we knew it was the only way to save you from your dark side. As we knew once we all died it ran out of victims to kill and then it would disappear”.

Kate” But how did you discover my dark half’s plan?”

Ryan” Simple she kept insulting us and when it came to my turn I discovered what Dan’s , Dawid’s and Sophie’s fate was then she said that I was the last one so when I put those pieces together it all made sense”

Kate” Guys thank you for fighting for me till the very end but you all risked your lives and were killed in the process, I can’t live my life with you all”

Ryan, Dan and Dawid all said” Kate we are always here for you, we never left and we will be your guardian’s watching over you and protecting you so this never happens again”.

Dawid” Besides I managed to find my soul mate and my true brothers and sisters so I lived my life and I don’t regret that it came to an end so quickly”

Dan” Yeah I mean I could have done more with my life but I did get a lot of things I always wanted to do done so I am happy”

Ryan” I have no regrets the only regret I have is never asking you to marry me or us having the two children you always wanted. But apart from that I loved my life as I met the one person that makes me feel whole and my true love you Kate”

Kate getting all emotional to the kind words that her brothers and lover were saying to her made her feel like that everything that happened wasn’t her own fault and that one day she would be with them again.

Ryan, Dan and Dawid said all at the same time” We forgive you”

Kate wanted to feel their embrace but due to them being spirits sent from heaven she couldn’t. Then she was interrupted from her thoughts as she saw that Dan and Dawid had something they urgently needed to say to her.

Dawid and Dan” We must go now but take care of yourself, we will always be watching over you as we always have been. We can’t wait for the day to see you in heaven, live your life as it today could be your last day we take care WE LOVE YOU SISTER.

Then before Kate had time to respond they faded away.

Kate” Dan, Dawid wait don’t go”

Kate thought to herself I didn’t even have time to say goodbye or tell them how they truly make me feel. Ryan saw the look on Kate’s face so then he moved closer to her to comfort her.

Ryan” Kate the reason they left before you had chance to say goodbye to them or tell them how you feel about them is because they already know and that is why after everything that happened they are still looking over you to keep you safe”

Kate” Really I guess that makes sense and I don’t mean for this to sound terrible but I thought spirits went up to heaven together how come you haven’t?”

Ryan” Because there is something I wanted to say to you before I went. It’s that no matter what happens I am always here for you if it feels like life is getting too much then just remember you can get through it and I LOVE YOU”

After that Ryan slowly started to fade away.

Kate cried out” Don’t go I can’t live my life without you as I have never loved someone as much as I love you”

Ryan” I love you with all my heart”

Then Ryan was gone.


The cold empty room had no signs of life it felt like the whole world had suddenly died without any warning. Or before anyone could cry out for help however there was one sole survivor standing unafraid of what the future would bring her as she was finally free from her demons so the Demonic nightmare was over.

The visions of the torment and suffering clouds their mind from this day on even but it is only a reminder of how she let her demons take over her life. Now she knew how she let her demons in she is more determined than ever. As she knows that she has people watching over her in heaven, she did miss them deeply but she knew they would always be there in her heart.

The spirits came to visit her in her dreams and it felt like old times and if this whole event was just a nightmare and she did follow her promise as she lives her life now as if it could be her last day.

By helping everyone she loves and being the person that the world needs to heal the world.

She looked up to the sky and said Dan, Dawid and Ryan thank you for being my saviours we will meet again one day but that day isn’t today

                                             The END

The End

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