Demonic NightmareMature

                    Chapter 12- Ryan’s fate

As Ryan stood in the sun wondering how he was going to track the one responsible for all of this a series of happy moments with her flashed in his mind as he knew why he loved her as she was herself.

No matter what people thought about her she never let that stop her and she was always there to help the world with their problems. He could never explain it when some asked him why he loved her as all he knew was that he felt like he had to always be there to protect her and this situation he found himself in now was no exception.

But before he had time to react he felt a sharp pain in his neck wondering how the hell that happened he said to himself.” What the hell where did this pain come from?” before he could finish that sentence however he collapsed on the hard, uncomfortable concrete floor.

Panic spread across Ryan’s body the moment he woke up in a building he had never adventured into before. Then he knew who kidnapped him and why they wanted him locked up in here it was so he could greet death with open arms.

Ryan thought to himself yeah right I am not going down so easily and if I go down. Then I am going to make sure I save Kate in the process as that is what I was chosen to do.

Just as that thought came into his head he suddenly noticed that he was lying down on something. What was it? A table or a bench?. If so why was he lying down it must all be a part of Kate’s dark half’s evil and unforgiving plan that would probably end up in my death well time to face some demons.

The moment Ryan thought about fighting against Kate’s demons she appeared in front of his face. The room’s temperature seemed to decrease dramatically as that wasn’t the women he fell madly in love with for a really long time staring at him. This was a clone but a clone that had a sick mind he could tell by the way she stared at him it made shivers travel down his spine and pray to god that it wasn’t too late to save her.

Ryan built up the courage to talk to this clone of his girlfriend that was standing right in his face as if she was studying him like he was a new discovery.

Ryan” Kate I know that you’re the one that killed all of those people, but I am here for you so you can get through this you’re not alone”.

Kate” Oh you do make me laugh I am pleased I decided to kidnap you last as I am going to enjoy your torture the most”.

Ryan” Stop this Kate I know this isn’t the real you as I had a dream about your good half begging me to help free it from its prison”.

Kate looked at Ryan with great interest and wonder then she thought to herself that isn’t possible there is no way my good half could of contacted this fool. But wait oh I see because they are deeply in love they have mental contact oh this is precious.

Kate” Well then chosen one what is your great plan of rescuing me as so far you haven’t got very far and now you’re my prisoner so there isn’t a single thing you can do so game over you lost”.

Ryan”It’s far from over yet even though I can’t move I can save you in other ways”.

Kate” Oh really? You sound like Dawid now and you know what happened to him in the end”.

Ryan” I know you better than anyone else so I know how you truly feel about everything and I know for a fact that you want to be saved from the demon that now processes your body”.

Kate” You must be a fool to believe such nonsense as while I am like this I have the power to do anything I want. What do you have?”

Ryan “I have unconditional love for you and that is what wins over power, I know this isn’t the real you and that everything that happened to you got out of hands. But I am here for you and I always will be because I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART”.

Kate” I just........ I just don’t know it feels to strong and I don’t know if I am strong enough to hold it back for my good side to gain control again”.

Ryan” I know you can do it as I believe in you just remember you’re not alone and what happened wasn’t your fault. Even Dan and Dawid are here for you to help you get out of this nightmare”

Kate” But how is that possible? I killed them in the cruel and painful way possible there is no way they could still want to help me after that”.

Ryan thinking to himself alright my plan is working as Kate is starting to become the person that we all love. I just need to push her a bit more and then she will be free from this demon that is taking control of her body.

Kate starting to cry begs Ryan” I don’t know what to do please help me as I don’t know how to fight this darkness that has taken over me”

Ryan” I am here for you as I always have and will be, I will never give up on you and you will fight this you just need to take small steps at a time”.

Kate” Ok then that sounds like a plan to me, let’s do it where do I start?”

Ryan” You can start by releasing me from my prison so then I can help you much easier”

Kate” Ok then that sounds like a good plan to me, hold on a minute my love”

 But before Kate had a chance of releasing her one true love from his prison the dark side too over again. Then it said to Ryan in a creepy tone” You really think I was going to fall for that?” I haven’t changed at all I was only pretending and you fell deep into my trick”

Ryan screamed at Kate” You bitch get out of my girlfriend’s body and stay the hell out right now” 

Kate” I don’t think I will bother as I am having way too much fun but enough talking it’s time for the torture to begin”.

Ryan trying to be reasonable with the demon that corrupt his girlfriend said “Please don’t do this I know this will only haunt you for the rest of your life later”.

But the next thing that Ryan felt was agonising pain as he couldn’t feel the bottom half of his body he screamed out to Kate. “What the hell did you do to the bottom half of my body?, as I can’t feel it anymore”.

Kate just laughed and said “oh that’s easy your lying down on a bench with a  swinging pendulum blade over your head the reason you never saw it coming is I distracted your attention so you couldn’t do a thing to stop it from happening”  

Ryan” YOU BITCH for cutting the bottom half of my body clean of”.

Kate” Don’t worry I won’t let you die so easily as the torturing has only just begun, let’s continue shall we”

Ryan” Oh no not needles near the eyes no no nooooooooooooo”

Darkness is all that could be seen from Ryan’s eyes as Kate stabbed one needle into each of his eyes as she knows that is what he can’t stand watching so it makes it the perfect torture tool thank you good half looks like you’re useful for something after all.

He knows that he didn’t take this pain like a man but the pain was unbearable and now he not only lost the bottom half of his body he had become blind from a phobia he had ever since he can remember. What was he going to do he needed to save Kate but the more she kept torturing him the more it felt like all hope was lost and that she was beyond saving.

Then a light flashed in front of him but he knew he had become blind from that recent encounter so this doesn’t make any sense then he realized he was in his mind again. There she was radiating happiness all around her and that smile she had made him feel all warm with happiness it was the version of Kate he loved that would never tortured anyone.

She spoke kind caring words to him with panic showing clearly in her movements towards him. She said “ Ryan oh my god what has my dark half done to you?, this should never have happened ever. You need to keep fighting don’t give up and then I can be freed from my prison I love you with all my heart and soul and I am right here with you always”

After that she kissed his lips it felt so good as if all the pain he felt had washed away, this Kiss gave him the strength to keep fighting then he knew what he had to do. He had to let death take a hold of him as that was the only way to free Kate’s body from the darkness and with that the last thing he heard was Kate’s good half whisper in his ear I LOVE YOU before she faded away.

Kate’s dark half looked confused as a minute ago she knew that lover boy was worn down and about to give up and now suddenly he looked as if he could fight anything that came his way. Then she thought damn my good half interfering with my plans she is no fun.

Ryan” Kate even though you stole away my legs and my eye sight I am still ready more than ever to welcome all the torture you give me”

. As I know that when I die I will be able to wait for Kate’s good side in heaven so we can be together FOREVER. Just face it Demon you have lost now be gone from Kate’s body”


With that Kate moved the swinging blade pendulum over Ryan’s chest and with one swing it was all over. The battle the Ryan fought bravely was over as the second that pendulum hit his chest with such an impactful force he WAS DEAD.


Here you go good half I release you from the prison I trapped you in, your body is now yours to control as my mission is finally complete.

Kate thought it felt good to get her body back from her dark half but WAIT something felt wrong, what had my dark half done and what did she mean that her mission was finally complete.

Kate was about to discover the horrors that awaited her and the destruction that her other half left behind in her wake.

The End

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