Demonic NightmareMature

Chapter 11- Ryan and Dawid’s meeting

Ryan was sat outside one of the cafe chairs as the sun was shining down on him so he decided it would be a waste to sit inside and miss out on this glorious day. But he was starting to get anxious and slightly annoyed as he had waited nearly an hour for Dawid to turn up as they agreed this morning that they would meet up. There was just so much that he needed to get off his mind which was impossible to do on your own, as there was just too many things happening at once that it felt like it was suffocating him from the inside.

Ryan cursed to himself where the hell is Dawid as it never takes him this long to get here” so he decides to do the next best thing so he grabs his mobile phone and tries to ring him. However on the fourth ring there was no answer so he decides screw this I will go to his house and see if he is there.


Twenty minutes later Ryan arrives right outside Dawid’s house. So then he causally walks to the front door. After he has knocked calmly on the door he notices that there is no answer for a couple of minutes. This is really weird and something doesn’t feel right about this like when he went to Kate’s house to knock on her door it felt like history was repeating itself. Ryan thought to himself not again this can’t be happening for a second time something must have happened between this morning and now.

Ryan thought he better inform the police about this as first it was Dan that wouldn’t respond and now Dawid what the hell was going on. He ran with all his might to the police station as he knew in his heart it was the right thing to do, but before he could open the door a newspaper blew into his face.

Horror struck as on the front page was the headline gruesome and mysterious deaths. Intrigued by the title he decided to read on only to discover only to discover the fate of his two brothers as in pure black bold text the story read. Three suspects have been identified in the crime scene and their names are Dan Ruston, Sophie Moreton and Dawid Urbanski. If anyone knows any information on who this murderer is please don’t hesitate to contact the local police station on the emergency number 999. 

Ryan felt crushed as if his life felt like it had little purpose left. What was he going to do without his brothers and then he remembered the dream he had last night and he instantly knew who was responsible for these deaths. Now he understood what he had to do and why kate’s good half came to him in his dream as this madness had to stop and he knew deep in his heart he was the only one to save her.

The Ryan said out loud for the world to hear “Kate I am coming to rescue you from this nightmare no matter what it takes I am going to save you” then thinking what else to say he knew exactly what last three words to say to end that sentence.

                                              I love you

The End

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