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Chapter 10- Dawid’s fate

Dawid was sat at home feeling like the world was on his shoulders as not only did he have a lot of problems happening in his life he was always worrying about the people he loved. These people include Ryan Astbury, Dan Ruston and Kate Madeley as to him they were his true family that he will always treasure for the rest of his life. But caring so deeply and passionately about people was also a curse as whenever something went wrong Dawid’s mind would only focused on how to solve their problems and make their life enjoyable as possible.  

But that did mean that he did put his family’s needs or dreams before his own but just once he put himself before his family.  God must have been shining down on him that day as though the internet his soul mate was found ever since that day all he prayed for day and night is that he would meet her in person so he could ask her hand in marriage.

But before he could talk to his soul mate Beatrice Manuel he needed to check on Kate or find out from his brother Ryan if she was better today then what happened yesterday. As he never saw Kate break down like that before over anything so he knew that with everything going on it was affecting her a lot more emotionally then she showed physically until yesterday when she just without warning snapped.  

Another thought suddenly sprang to mind that his other brother Dan Ruston hadn’t got into contact with him today, all of his family needed his help to get through the current crisis. So he decided it would be best to message Beatrice to apologize to her that he won’t be able to message her much for a while as he wanted to sort this crisis out and that he loved her with all of his heart.

So Dawid sent her that message on Facebook and she replied back with I love you with all my heart too and I know you can solve this crisis. As I believe in you now go and help Ryan, Kate and Dan with their problems. After that conversation he felt ready to take on the world so then he sent Kate, Dan and Ryan a text message to make sure they were all alright. But there was no reply.

Then suddenly he sees the new message icon flashing on his mobile so he checked to see who the message was from it was from Ryan and it said Hey brother I am good thanks for asking I have no idea how Kate is today as she isn’t replying to my messages. As for Dan I haven’t heard from him since yesterday, please can we meet up so we can come up with a plan as there is something important I need to tell you brother.

Dawid replied with Oh right ok then I hope they are both alright and yeah sure I will happily meet up with you, what about meeting up at Queen’s park?

Ryan” Ok yeah sure I will see you there in forty minutes if that is alright with you brother”

Dawid” Yeah that is fine with me see you then brother”

Ryan”Ok Brother”

 After having that conversation with Ryan through texts he decided that he better ensure that he was ready to go out of the house and walk to Queen’s park for the meeting. Just as he was about to go upstairs to get ready he heard a small knock on the front door, walking to the door while wonder who it could be he effortlessly reached the front door.

The moment the door was opened surprise but also happiness filled the air. As standing waiting outside was Kate looking like she was back to normal with a smile on her face the only difference was the black cloak that hugged round her body as if it was her protector.

Kate” Hi brother I feel a lot better than I did yesterday and I am really sorry about that”

Dawid” Hi Sister and good I am really glad as I was really worried about you more than usual”

Kate” I am really sorry”

Dawid” I know you told me that you’re sorry already and I forgive you” 

Kate” No I am not apologising for that”

Dawid “Then what are you apologising for?”

Kate” This”

The second that Kate said this she back stabbed Dawid with a needle that contained Anaesthesia that made Dawid fell to the ground unconscious.

Confused. That is the first thought that crossed Dawid’s mind when he woke up from the Anaesthesia that was injected in him to make him unconscious. Another reason he was confused as it was partly to do with not knowing what unknown building he was in but also the fact that a girl was there.

A girl he knew all too well and her name is Sophie Moreton. Sophie and Dawid stared into each other’s eyes in pure shock as they both agreed not to speak or see each other ever again and now they were here in an unknown place stuck in the same room.  

All they could do is stare at each other as they were unable to move due to them being chained up to the pipe next to each other. As the more they tried to move the deeper the chain dug cleanly into their skin and caused them to bleed which made it really unpleasant. So in the end they both decided to sit there looking at each other till one moment they decided to break the awkward silence that surrounded them.

Dawid” Sophie it has been a really long time since we last saw or spoke to each other and I never thought we would see each other again”.

Sophie” I never thought I would see you again either, but now we are together I wanted to tell you that I still love you with all of my heart. Even though I know I messed up I just want us to be a couple again”.

Dawid” Sophie we can never be a couple again as you messed up big time and I have finally found my soul mate, so the answer is and always will be never”.

Sophie starting to cry said “Please Dawid I beg of you as I love you and it was wrong of me to treat you the way I did but I have learnt from my mistakes and I want to be with you and only you”.

Dawid” It doesn’t matter how much you beg me or lie to me about you learning from your mistakes. The answer is still no as I have found my one true love so I am sorry Sophie but I can’t as I have moved on and so should you”.

Before Sophie could respond to what Dawid just said they were interrupted by a voice.

Stranger’s voice” Well this is beautiful to watch”

Dawid” Who are you show yourself”

Stranger steps out of the shadow in the corner of the room to reveal their figure. The face that was staring them both in the face was one they knew all too well it was Dawid’s sister and Sophie’s acquaintance Kate.

Dawid and Sophie at the same time say “ Kate is that really you?”

Kate laughs in a hysterical and twisted laugh then after that she looks at her two chosen victims and responds in a cruel voice “Of course it is me and I was the one that brought you both here together in the same room aren’t I so thoughtful”.

Sophie” You fucking bitch how dare you knock us out and lock us in a room together like rats”

Kate” Touchy, touchy you should be flattered as I could of locked you both in different rooms and let you hear each other’s screams for mercy”.  

Dawid” There is no way you could be my sister Kate who are you?”

Sophie” Yeah as the Kate I know would never be this cruel hearted and purely evil” 

Kate” Fools it is me but the better half of me as this is my dark half as my good half was too weak and pathetic to inhabit this body so I took over to make her life better”.

Dawid” There is no way this version of you is the better version get out of her body and give my sister back”.

Kate” I will gladly give it back to her once I have finished what I have started”.

Dawid thought to himself what is she talking about what she already has started? Then a sickening thought came to his mind could she have done something to Dan? and that is why he wasn’t responding to his or Ryan’s messages. Well there is only one way to find out pulling all the courage he had left he asked Kate the question that was bothering him.

Dawid” Kate you say that you will give the good half her body back when you have finished what you started does that have something to do with Dan?”

Kate laughs in a hysterical and twisted laugh then she stares into Dawid’s sea blue eyes with her dark emotionless eyes and responds to his question with “ Well, well someone is a clever boy as he figured out what I meant with my statement”.

Dawid raging inside screams out to Kate” What have you done to Dan tell me right now”.

Sophie is staring at Kate but it seems the cat has got her tongue as she hasn’t spoke a word but Dawid knew what that glimmer was in her eyes it was FEAR.

Kate” I took Dan out of the picture permanently as let’s face it he was never happy with his life so I did him a favour”.

Dawid” YOU BITCH, you will never get away with this as you will be discovered and then you will pay for what you have done”.

Kate” Oh you really think so, I have no idea what my good half likes about you I did at first as you were smart but now it turns out your incredibly dumb”. Well as fun as this all is I have a busy schedule I need to attend to”.

Dawid” Wait I haven’t finished talking to you yet you can’t just leave us”.

Kate” Oh don’t worry I never planned to leave you in fact if you look to your right you will see what I planned to do with you from the start”.

Dawid and Sophie followed their gaze to the right and saw that their chains were threaded through the pipes and into a machine that would pull the chains in, and then decapitate their bodies till all that was left of them was dust.

Dawid and Sophie screamed out in fear and desperation” You can’t do this to us let us out”.

Kate” Well there is one way that you could both escape from this trap I set for you and that is for you both to declare you’re love for each other. But Dawid has already made it clear on how he feels so times up time for you both to die”.

Dawid and Sophie” Stop it you won’t get away with this even if we get killed in the process someone will stand up to you and win”.

Kate” Shut up you fools Now”.

As Kate screamed now Dawid and Sophie saw that Kate unattached the chains from around the pipes so that the chains were at the mercy of instant death machine. The chains were moving at intense speed towards the machine that would rip them into a billion pieces in a matter of seconds.

When Dawid realized he had only a few seconds left to live he said in a calm, caring voice “Trish I love you be safe and I will see you in the afterlife as I will be there waiting for you”.  Sophie didn’t know what to say so instead she kept silent as she waited for the seconds to count down towards her death.  

Then with that Dawid and Sophie were trapped in the machine and then with one slash they were both cut into a billion pieces all that remained of them was their ash.  

Kate won she took out her next Target as Dawid Urbanski died fighting. Kate saw all the blood on the floor and started to dance around in happiness as her plan  turned out exactly like it was suppose to, thinking to herself now finally I have only one victim left on my list.

His name is Ryan Astbury.

Kate said in a cruel, evil and soul crushing voice “Let the final torture begin”.

The End

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