Demonic NightmareMature

Chapter 9- Dan’s Demise

Dan Ruston was walking from Crewe bus station to his final destination college which was achieved by him tackling his journey with great confidence and ease then he suddenly thought to himself. I hope that everything that is happening with Kate at the moment sorts itself out soon, as I hate to see the people I love unhappy.

It felt like all the events that had escalated the previous day made time itself dramatically slow down until it eventually stopped completely.  As the more he thought about it, the more it made everything seem hopeless and that there was nothing he could do to help his friend. After trying for several minutes he realized that he should focus on a plan throughout the day as the thoughts about yesterday’s events were spiralling round and creating a headache.

There was one bush that started randomly to rustle. Then a thought occurred hang on a minute it isn’t even windy so why is the bush rustling. So then he decided that he would investigate as it being Crewe he assumed it was a drunken person who couldn’t remember where he was. 

But the moment that his hand moved a section of the bush something was sprayed into his face before he had time to react, after he was sprayed in the face he started to feel really dizzy as if the whole world was spinning and he was stuck in one place. Dan tried to keep himself stable but every time he did the whole of outside kept spinning faster and faster until he collapsed with a strong, powerful and extremely painful thud on the floor.

Darkness that is all could be seen when he awakened from collapsing on the floor even though Dan’s eye sight had become blind from the darkness there was one thing he did know, and that was that he had been kidnapped and taken to a whole new location. Panic. Grasped a hold over his body as the very thought of someone kidnapping him made wonder, what they wanted from him and that very thought haunted his mind. Then he said to himself you need to get a hold of yourself so then you can find a way to escape before the people that took him reveal why he was required for their service.

Then he knew it was time for action but as soon as he tried to move he suddenly realized the floor in his plan.  As he shortly discovered that he was stuck to a chair with his hands and feet attached to it with extremely thick rope that the more he struggled the more the rope dug into his skin and caused severe rope burn. The pain felt like a sword stabbing into his hands and feet to torture him into surrendering but Dan knew one thing for sure he wasn’t going to give up easily.

As his brain was trying to conjure up a new plan on how to escape his thoughts were cut short due to a beaming, happy light of freedom shining down into his eyes and covering his young intrigued, hopeful and terrified face. As his eyes finally adjusted to the gleaming light he saw a hooded figure slowly walking towards him as he soon discovered that he was tied up in the middle of the unfamiliar room.

It wasn’t just a room it was an abandoned warehouse as the more detail that was discovered the more it become obvious that his kidnapper decided to keep him locked up in a warehouse. Dan said to himself “how thoughtful of them to lock me up in a warehouse and it is a way over used location for kidnapping” after he made that statement to himself films he had seen during his life flashed before his eyes to confirm that his previous statement was true.

It was too late to think of anything more as the hooded figure was standing close to him as if it was a bird of prey examining its prey before it goes in for the devastating attack. He knew from that moment that he had failed miserably to escape before he had to face the person or group of people that brought him there.

The hooded figure spoke in a voice that sent shivers down your spine and made you feel like all the happiness in the world had been stripped away. “Such a beautiful day it is and I am not talking about the weather outside”.

Hooded figure “No I believe today is a beautiful day because I finally have the chance to execute one of my many plans I have worked too long and too hard for, finally with your help my vision can become a reality”.

Dan” Who are you and what are you talking about?”

Hooded figure” Why do you ask me who I am when you already know me well I hope you do as we have been close friends for a very long time”.

Hooded figure” As for what I was saying to you before I have a plan and you’re the only one that can help me ensure that it happens”.

Dan” Why are you so convinced we know each other so well when you won’t even reveal your face to me, instead your face is covered behind that hood”.

Dan” I will never help you with your plan no matter what you try to convince me to change my mind”.

Hooded figure” Well that’s no way to treat a friend now is it as friends help each other out and really well we will see about that”.

Dan” You’re not my friend and whatever sick and twisted game you’re trying to play on me it isn’t working and we will see indeed”.

Hooded figure” You know how to hurt someone’s feelings and ok then we will indeed.

 but we are friends the sooner you realize that the sooner you will realizes what a big mistake you made in saying all of those hurtful things to me”.

Dan” I don’t believe your lies and if we truly are friends that prove it to me by removing your hood and revealing your face to me”.

Hooded figure” Ok then now we are making progress I knew you would see it my way in the end”.

The hooded figure grabbed hold of the charcoal black cloak so with great care they slowly moved their hands down to finally reveal their face. The second that hood had been completely removed Dan was speechless as standing right in front of him was his friend Kate.

Something was wrong as the room suddenly had a chill to it as if the room temperature plummeted to below zero degrees, what was this strange feeling? Then it hit him as fast as a vicious snake stalking its prey the feeling was FEAR.  

Dan” Kate is that really you, what happened to you?”

Kate” There is nothing wrong with me Dan it’s me your friend Kate”

Dan” It’s just your eyes are so dark and the room feels freezing all of a sudden”

 Kate” I am still me I don’t know why you would say something like that”

Dan” You’re lying as the Kate I know wouldn’t make me feel fear whenever I am with her”.

Kate gave Dan an ice cold stare as she knew that her mind games weren’t working and that he could see through her tricks. She knew that there was only one thing she could do and that was to end this pathetic human’s life in the most painful and brutal way possible.

When Kate knew Dan’s attention was distracted as he thought to himself I did it I outsmarted the imposter that he assumed his friend had become. She quickly grabbed the needle that was tucked very discreetly in her black hoodie and hid it effortlessly behind her back in one hand. 

Then she moved in closer to her prisoner’s face until they were an inch away from touching, after that she whispered to him you may think you have outsmarted me but you couldn’t be more wrong. Before the prisoner had time to respond she stabbed the needle into his neck very deeply so the toxin that was contained in the needle would work its charm much quicker. As she knew for a fact that the deeper the needle goes into Dan’s skin the faster the toxins move into his blood stream.

Dan didn’t have time to figure what Kate had injected into his body as he already felt the drug’s effects starting to infection his entire body. What the hell was this stuff while keeping his eyes shut then when he felt brave enough to open them again something was wrong. As everywhere he looked was extremely blurry but that was only the beginning of the horrors that were in store. 

As standing there were three well known and loved super heroes who included Spiderman, Batman and finally Superman standing together proudly and ready to face against all evil that tries to destroy the world that they love. Star struck as these three in particular were his role models that he would always love due to him being a huge comic book fan and they inspired his creative work which developed the more he practised it.

Dan” Spiderman, Batman and Superman is that really you and have you come here to rescue me from this place?”

Spiderman, Batman & Superman” Yes we are really here and no we haven’t come here to rescue you instead we all came here to do something else of great importance”.

That was it suddenly a light bulb clicked in Dan’s mind he knew what this was as he had seen it before and had been a huge admirer of it as it is in the Batman series. What Kate injected him with was fear toxin that one of Batman’s enemies called the scarecrow uses as one of his weapons. How did she get a hold of it?

Then Spiderman, Batman and Superman all gathered together with knifes in their hands ready to strike at oncoming threats, then sentence one word caught him off guard and left him feeling destroyed.

Spiderman, Batman and Superman” Dan we know all about the creative work you have made such as stories and drawings and frankly they are all crap and put us all to shame”.

Just as an apology was about to be heard three knifes stabbed Dan in his chest as soon as the knifes hit their target the blood came streaming out like a fountain. It didn’t take long for the warehouse to be covered in fresh, glistening blood which covered both of Kate’s hands.

It was official from that moment on Dan Ruston was DEAD. Killed off by what he thought were his favourite superheroes insulting all of the work he had spent his whole life improving, when really it was a toxic chemical. That induced the fear in the victim’s minds driving them insane the perfect weapon for a comic book geek.

Kate talked out loud to herself in a  cruel, soul crushing and pure evil voice” Finally one of the people that my good half cares about the most in the world is dead, oh I am enjoying this I can’t wait to see the rest of my victims squirm before me as I see the last few minutes of their life before I end their suffering”.

Let’s see oh yes I only have two victims left and they are Dawid Urbanski and Ryan Astbury but which one first, decisions decisions”. Oh I know which one I should torture and then kill first oh this is just too perfect”.

Let the torturing begin.


The End

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