Demonic NightmareMature

                                    Chapter 8- Ryan’s dream

Kate’s good half tried with all her might and the little strength that she had remaining to get into contact with Ryan Astbury’s mind. As she knew that if she could somehow get in contact with him then she can explain to him everything that has happened to keep him safe. She decided to try and contact him. Because well there was only one reason really it was because she loved him with all her heart and soul as he was her soul mate.

She thought enough blushing of how he made her feel like the most powerful women in the world that can take on any challenge. But that very thought made her sad as she realized that a tear started to descend down her face then she cried out “You said I could overcome any problems that come my way, if only you could see me now I failed you and I am sorry. So sorry I lost against my demons they won and now because of that I am going to die”.   

Then suddenly something happened.

Ryan was tossing and turning on his bed as no matter how hard he tried he couldn’t get to sleep. Then suddenly a light appeared in his room and then the strangest thing happened as he was transported somewhere he didn’t recognise as he had never been there before.

Then Ryan saw her. His one true love Kate standing in front of him. He didn’t understand what the hell was going on but there weren’t enough words to express how happy he was.  To see his girlfriend standing so close to him, all he wanted to do was hold her in his embrace and never let go of her again.

As he went to move closer to Kate all he heard was. Stop. Ryan was shocked what was she talking about and why did she want him to stop moving towards her oh no not again that pain is back no not now.

Kate “Ryan oh thank god I managed to get in contact with you. Oh god are you alright? as you look like you’re in pain”.

Ryan “ You were trying to get into contact with me you know I have a mobile phone you could of called me if you needed me and yeah this pain just keeps coming back whenever I think of you”.

Kate” I needed to contact you mentally as my body has been taken over by my dark half that is why I was desperately trying to call out to you as I needed to warn you that it may look like me but inside it is only the darkest part of me”.

Ryan thought to himself could it be that is why I am feeling this pain because Kate isn’t the same anymore as only darkness is present in her body. That must be the reason why I keep feeling all of this pain. 

Ryan” Now you have told me that I think I am feeling this pain because the part of you I fell madly in love with has been separated from your body somehow. How are we mentally connected?

Kate” That would explain a lot, we are mentally linked because we are soul mates so I can link my mind to yours and you can link your mind to mine”.

“I am sorry I failed you I always thought I could fight my battles and win but I didn’t just loose a fight this time I might even loose myself permanently”. Ryan” Oh right that is really cool I will have to remember that and what are you talking about that you will lose yourself permanently?”

Kate” I only have a limited amount of time to fight my dark half and free my body from its grip so I can gain control and keep my dark half at bay and ensure it never happens again”.

“If we are too late my dark half would gain full control and then my good side would be trapped for all eternity.”

Ryan” That can’t happen. No that’s impossible”.

Kate” I am afraid it isn’t impossible I wish it was but, it isn’t god I am such an idiot for getting myself into these situations”.

Ryan” Hey listen to me this isn’t your fault, I know you will get through this as we will kick your dark half’s ass so your good half can inhabit your body again”.

Kate” Really you think we can pull it off?”

Ryan” Yeah I know we can do it together and we aren’t alone we have the support of Dawid and Dan too”.

Kate” Yeah your right thank you again you save me that words can’t thank you enough for the help”.

Ryan” Hey I am only being polite, now come here women”.

Ryan grabbed hold of Kate in a tight embrace to show her that he would always be here for her no matter what happens. The embrace also was to show to Kate that she means the world to him so no way in hell he would let this darkness win.

Ryan thought to himself this darkness isn’t going to win OVER MY DEAD BODY.

The End

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