Demonic NightmareMature

Chapter 7- Kate’s new identity

My body felt like a portion of it had been ripped out, that is because it had my good half was ripped out of my body as if it was nothing. Kate was staring in disgust at her body now as she saw that her eyes had changed into pure black. The eyes showed that all happiness had been ripped out and only greed, hatred, pain and above all evil were left as they were shrouded in never ending darkness. Kate had changed into everything that made the world a terrible place and all of a sudden she felt extremely weak.

From the extricating pain that she suddenly felt she had to know why she felt like this so hated herself for doing this but she knew the one and only person who would know the answer to her question. Her dark half. Kate said” Dark half what is this extricating pain that I am feeling?”.

Her dark half replied “You are feeling this pain because you aren’t strong enough to survive outside of your body, if you don’t find a way to return to your body soon then you will DIE permanently”.

Kate’s good half rushed off to the only person she knew should could get mental contact with. With that Kate’s good half faded away from the bathroom mirror, Kate’s dark half said out loud well that got rid of her. Then suddenly.

I heard a knock at my front door but I didn’t investigate who it was as I knew who it was. It was that pathetic boy called Ryan Astbury who my good side loves PATHETIC. Love is for the weak and that is why I needed to take over. This feels good finally I have dreamed of taking over this body ever since it was born 17 years ago.

Now that the house is quite I can finally plan how to kill all of those people that the good half that use to inhabit this body holds dearest to her. So these people I need to kill off include Dan Ruston, Dawid Urbanski and I can’t forget lover boy Ryan Astbury. But I think I will save lover boy for last as I want his suffering to be the most painful and last as long as possible so I can enjoy every moment of it.

How should I kill each one off I wonder, well I am going to have to think of the most painful way to kill them mentally first and then physically. No wait why not go one step further and kill them physically and mentally at the same time, yes perfect MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. 

With this plan I have won even if my good half manages to find a way to take back control over this body then she will never be able to recover from this ever. As she would be all alone in the world with no one to turn to I LOVE IT.

In a creepy disturbing laugh that makes you feel like all hope is lost after the laugh she says one sentence.


                                             TIME TO HAVE FUN.

The End

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