Demonic NightmareMature

Chapter 6- Ryan’s discovery

Ryan wished that he could have just gone straight to Kate’s house after he left college. But his parents were strict and always wanted him home in time for tea time cursing under his breath as he reached his front door. Once he unlocked his front door the aroma of his tea over powered his nose as he didn’t realize till now, that the walk home from college had made him feel like he hadn’t touched food in months.

Ryan shouted to his parents “Hi ya”

Both of Ryan’s parents shouted back “Hi Ya”

Then after Ryan placed his college bag and shoes down near the front door but out of the way of the staircase so no one would trip over it. He walked through the living room and into the kitchen so he could go in there and grab the plates, cuttery and glasses full of juice so he could set the table for him and his parent’s tea. Then he set them out neatly on the table, so him and his family could sit down and eat there tea together round the gleaming wooden table.

While they were eating their tea they were making small talk about what happened in their day and that was when he took up the chance he said to his parents. That he was going to go round after tea to see Kate as he explained what happened today and that is what made him so worried about her. Ryan purposely left out the weird feeling he felt in his gut when he thought about what happened with Kate today. Then he suddenly noticed that ever since he got home that feeling got worse as he felt an extricating pain unlike before when it felt like a tingle.

After washing up the dishes his family and him used for tea he decided now is the time for action.  Then he decided to text his brother’s Dawid and Dan I am going in then he grabbed his shoes and went out the front door.  

On the way towards Kate’s house he asking himself loads of questions that had been bothering him. Things like why before when he felt something was wrong with Kate it felt like a tingle, but now it was agonising pain. Something must have happened between then and now, but what awful situation could have happened within a short space of time?. Well I guess there is only one way of finding out.

After Ryan had that thought he suddenly realised that he was in front of Kate’s house. He said to himself ok I can do this no matter what I find in there or what has happened I can do this, for my one true love and with that last thought he knocked on Kate’s front door.

As Ryan was standing near the front door he noticed that everything seemed normal as he saw Kate’s Dad’s car parked on the drive in front of the house and the for sale sign standing proudly near the house. If everything seemed normal then why did that agonising pain seem to have come back but twice as strong then before, what was this pain?  

There was no answer so Ryan decided to bang on the door as if his life depended on it. But still no answer so he decided to investigate the rest of the house to see if he could see if her family had gone to bed or not, there were no lights on so the house was shrouded by darkness. 

Ryan thought to himself well if she is in bed then there is nothing I can do tonight. I will text her before I go to bed and hopefully she will be alright at college tomorrow.

Angry. That he couldn’t do anything more tonight as that pain felt like it was following him wherever he went and it was really starting to get under his skin. With that thought he set on his journey to rush off home.

The End

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