Demonic NightmareMature

Chapter 5 – Kate’s battle of the Soul

Kate decided that after putting her college bag on her bed that she was still too hot even after the breath taking glass of water, so she decided to go into the bathroom to wash her face with cool water as then she would cool down.

She walked into the bathroom which was next door to her bedroom which is highly convenient she thought to herself as she felt like she was getting way too warm for comfort. She grabbed the plug onto of the sink and pushed it up so the plug would close after that she slowly turned the cold water tape. She didn’t have to wait long before the sink was full of cold, gleaming, refreshing water so she slowly turned the tap off again.

However as she slowly moved her head down towards her hands full of the cool water that her body was crying out for her to wash over her body, a mysterious figure appeared in the mirror. Kate didn’t see it as she was too busy focusing on splashing her face with the water as she was desperate to get cool really quickly.

After Kate dried her face on the smooth, silky, brown towel she looked in the mirror to see how she looked. Suddenly she saw a figure in the mirror she stood there trying to figure out what it was as the figure stood there shrouded in mist. Then she leaned closer to the mirror to see if it would help her work out what the figure was suppose to be, terror spread through her body as when she went to get a closer look she saw a reflection of herself but it looked different.

It looked different to her previous reflection as this one did look like her but it had a dark feel to it as if it was corrupt from the inside.

Knowing that made Kate feel really cold all of a sudden as if out of nowhere a chill descended all down the spine of her body as she realised the dreaded truth this was her but what she was seeing was her dark half staring straight back at her.   

Kate knew the only thing she could was to ask her dark half what it wanted from her. So with all her might she build up the courage to ask her dark half the questions that were circling around in her mind.

Kate” dark half what are you doing here, and what do you want from me?”

Kate’s reflection just stared at her for a few minutes before answering her questions. Then with a cold, disturbing voice said “I am here because you have become weak and you need my help to put you on the right path again”. 

“Why are you asking me why am I here I have always been here as I am a part of you and I know you have figured out that I am your darkest part of your soul.”

Kate was in shock she felt like her whole world had changed and it would never be the same again. She thought to herself how could something so dark and cruel have always been a part of me it just didn’t make any sense. I always thought helping people was a good thing could I have been wrong all a long? Have I been wasting my life on doing evil deeds for people?

NO that couldn’t be true I knew what this dark part of me was trying to do it was trying to wear me down and take over. Well now I know that for sure I will have to beat it at its own sick, twisted game.

Kate’s dark half said in a cruel and dark manner- “Is there something wrong as you have been standing there looking dazed for a long time. If I didn’t know better I would say you’re afraid of me and the things I know about your life. As these aspects are things that you were too stupid and blind to see for yourself”.

Kate- Your wrong I am not afraid of you I just never expected to be seeing you looking straight at me in a mirror that’s all and your wrong there is no aspects of my life that I was too blind to see. As I know who to trust and loves me and who hates me if you’re trying to scare me with lies then it isn’t going to work”.

Kate’s dark half burst into an evil twisted laugh that made anyone who heard it feel like all the happiness in the world had been drained and there was only darkness.

Kate” What did you find so amusing about my statement?”

Kate’s dark half stopped laughing and then said “I am laughing because like what I said before you are clueless of who actually cares about you, let’s face it you being nice and caring for people has got you nowhere. As the people you claim that care for you keep taking advantage by always running to you every day with a supposed problem.

Kate” You’re wrong these people do have problems that they need my help for and they aren’t taking advantage of me as they are always here to help solve my problems. We stick together and help each other through our problems. That isn’t something I expect you to understand as all you know is hate, anger, jealously and everything that makes people in the world purely evil as you’re a disease that affects people and you make me sick”.

Kate’s dark half expression was a mixture of anger of her not backing down and overwhelmed at how brave she was to stand up against her dark half. Then she said 

“You could do so much better than this life you have chosen to follow. You could have people bow down before you and treat you like goddesses”.

Kate is completely shocked at what she was hearing her dark half saying to her. Her a goddess there was just no way that was possible, but she was intrigued to discover how that was possible so she decided to ask her dark half how that was possible.

Kate” How is me becoming a goddess even possible? I mean I wasn’t born into a rich family or anything like that so there is no way something like that can happen so what are you talking about?”

Kate’s dark half had excitement in her eyes she thought to herself I did it I finally convinced her good half to become power hungry. All I need to do is push her to the edge a little bit more and then I can finally take over her body for good without being held back from her good half. I WOULD FINALLY HAVE COMPLETE CONTROL then there would be nothing she could do to stop me.

 Kate’s Dark half thought she let the good half wait long enough so then she knew what to say.

“The answer to your question is easy all you have to do is stop caring for people and make them feel the pain, despair and loneliness that you have felt for so long then you can gain complete control over these fools”.

Kate” I shouldn’t stop caring about anyone as caring for people is who I am as a person it is wrong for me to turn my emotions off.  As they help me know what is the right and wrong thing for me to do, without my emotions my humanity would be switched off and then who or where would I be”.

Kate’s dark half was furious at how sensible her good side was why she didn’t want overwhelming power and to make people suffer. She just didn’t understand it and she knew that she wouldn’t be able to change her mind and wipe that grin off her pathetic face.

Then her dark half suddenly came up with an idea I know if I can’t take control playing fairly then I will take control by playing dirty, after that she knew exactly what she needed to do everything she always dreamed of would finally be in her grasp.

Kate was thinking to herself I have done it I actually have beaten my demons as from the looks of her she has run out of things to try and infect my mind with. That isn’t an achievement you can say you manage to accomplish everyday this proves I am strong willed everyone I care deeply about was right. Thank you for all being here for me and I guess I handled everything wrong today I better go and apologise now. But how do you get rid of your demon self from a mirror.


 As when Kate turns back towards the mirror she sees her dark half’s evil, poisonous, razor sharp claw like hands coming out of the mirror in a solid form. Frozen in place Kate wonders what she should do or if there is anything she can do before it is too late and the dark half takes over.

Realising that Kate is out of time she sees her dark half stab through her body and rips out my good side and somehow manages to trap my good side inside the mirror that my dark half came from. I am banging and screaming out” to try and stop my dark half from taking over “Darkness stop trying to take over my body I beat you fairly, you can’t do this. STOP!  


The End

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