Demonic NightmareMature

Chapter 3- Kate Home at Last

After travelling on foot from college to her house she was completely exhausted as it takes one hour to get to her house from college. Pus it was a scorching day so she felt like if she didn’t get a drink of water soon her body would refuse to hold her weight up and that she would come crashing down.

As she put her college bag down she thought she better check her phone due to the drama she made for herself before. When she checked her phone she saw the new message icon flash up, she thought to herself I know who this is from. She checked it and she was correct as she knew that Ryan would text her after everything that happened.

As she was reading the text message it made her beam with happiness, confidence and above all that she was loved by the people closets to her. As the text message read Dawid and Dan are here for you no matter what I love you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo friggin much: D: p: D: p <3 <3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. She decided to reply back with thank you for the amazing text and I am flattered that you’re all there for me. I will get there I just need some time to work everything out I love you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo friggin much too: D: p: D: p <3 <3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

After the message was sent she walked over to the cupboard that contained all the cups and glasses inside. She carefully grabbed a pint glass from the cupboard and walked over to the water tap to fill it up carefully to ensure that it doesn’t overflow.

As soon as the water touched her mouth it felt like she was in heaven as its cold, soothing, delicious taste filled up her body and made her body feel alive again. It felt like she was a rundown battery and from drinking the water it charged up her batteries so it would be ready to face the tasks that were presented to it.

After that Kate decided to take her college bag into her bedroom so it was out of the way of people tripping over it. The walls in her bedroom were a bright eye catching pink that as soon as you walked into the room your eyes were overpowered at how bright the walls were, the walls were covered from head to toe in posters and a few pictures of mostly bands she loved and many other things that again helped the room stand out.

The room was magnificent to look round as it was covered in lots of interesting objects such as a computer desk with a black and silver computer sitting proudly on the desk, a wooden shelf, TV bracket with a small TV and DVD, a pure wooden dressing table, unit with a stereo system, wooden wardrobe, double bed, and finally lots of little bits and pieces sat on these units.  As she carefully placed her college bag onto her double bed she sat there wondering what her boyfriend and friends were up to now as she hoped they weren’t worrying about her too much.

The End

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