Demonic NightmareMature

Chapter 2- Ryan, Dawid & Dan

Ryan and Dawid knew after crying out for Kate to come back they knew in their heart that she was gone and she wasn’t coming back.

Ryan “I can’t believe she has gone I wish she would let us help her as it destroys me to see her like this.

Dawid” Yeah I know what you mean as I want to be there to help her too as I love her like a sister I never had. But it’s like what she said she needs some time and space for herself as she has a lot going on in her mind right now. I am sure she will come around just give her some time brother”

Ryan” Yeah I guess your right it’s just it is my job to be there for her as a boyfriend and as a friend, I know how difficult life can be on your own and I want her to know that she isn’t alone no matter what happens”.

Dawid” She knows we are there for her I think she doesn’t want us to see her like this as she doesn’t want to upset us and she feel ashamed of how her life is getting out of control for her.

Ryan sighs “I guess your right brother well I will text her and then we better head back to college to let Dan know what happened”.

Dawid” Ok then brother things will work out in the end for Kate, your right let’s go back to college now”.

Ryan stares out into the distance as he thought maybe the longer I stare out into the distance the more chance there is that she might change her mind and come running back, he would happily hold his arms open ready to hold her in a strong, secure and comforting embrace. So that she would know that he was here for her and so he would get the chance to tell her it was all going to be alright no matter what happens. But she never came back. So Ryan set off with his non biological brother Dawid back to college.

The moment Dawid and Ryan arrived at college through the college entrance that was crowded with many different people from a range of different ages, genders and cultures this made it a great battle to get back inside the building that they knew off the back of their hand after studying here for two years.

The plain white walls captured all of the dirt from people leaning on the walls, the white gave the college a simple feel to it as all white is useful for is making it easy for dirt to stand out. However the rest of the college was full of a range of different colours due to all of the posters that are stuck on the walls. This to not only make the people studying or visiting the college to have a warm, friendly and happy feeling while they are exploring the three story corridors, but also to show off the colleges achievements and past students that studied at the college and then moved onto a university of their choice.  

Thankfully Ryan and Dawid managed to battle the crowd of never ending people that stretched out as far as the eye can see. The college smelled of freshly made coffee which was produced from the drink vending machine and the indoor Costa which spread its alluring smell all round the college so it can draw its customers in with its irresistible, strong, sweet smell.

Ryan and Dawid ran as fast as their legs would allow them up the stair case to the second floor of the college which contained classrooms for the following subjects GCSE English, Music, graphics design, Photography and finally Media studies. The reason they choose to run up this staircase is they were on a mission to find their friend Dan Ruston who chose to study graphics design it didn’t take them long to find their friend walking along the corridor towards them.

Dan” Hello Dawid and Ryan you two look like our in a hurry, has something happened or are you late for your lessons?”

Ryan and Dawid said together “Hi Dan we were looking for you to tell you what just happened.

Ryan decided that it would be best for Dawid to explain what had just happened as it still physically wounded him to talk about how with everything happening in Kate’s life were affecting her so badly.

Dawid” Well it all started when me, Ryan and Kate were sitting in the ground floor library, Kate was getting really upset as she told us that she had been given coursework back that needs improving. We told her that she will get it done and we will be here to help her.

Dan” Ok that sounds alright to me but I am guessing there is more to this story”.

Dawid” Yeah there is the next moment I don’t know what it was but something just seemed to snap in Kate as she grabbed her things and stormed off out of the library.  Ryan and I quickly grabbed our things to run after her.

 Then she told us Please Ryan and Dawid I need to be alone as I can’t deal with all of these problems at once, I have for many years and now it is physically and mentally wearing me down.  It feels like I am not myself anymore and instead when I look in the mirror I see a shell of the person I use to be”.

Dan” Wow no wonder Ryan has become really quite and looks like he isn’t here with us and looks like he has spaced out. I feel sorry for Kate for everything that has happened to her as it all has become too much for her all at once. I know she can get through this and I am sure she will come around soon.

After all three of them came together and agreed that Kate was going to get through this no matter what happened they all decided to go into Costa to have their dinner. While they were in Costa Ryan text Kate me, Dawid and Dan are here for you no matter what I love you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo friggin much: D: p: D: p <3 <3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

The End

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