Demonic NightmareMature

Chapter 1-All about Kate

Kate was a 17 year old college girl that made the world a better place for the people she loved with all her heart. But she also foolishly showed affection and cared for the people that didn’t deserve her affection. As these people were pure evil and their intentions was to not only rip people’s souls away but also to shatter dreams.

All of Kate’s life she had never known anything different other then helping people in desperate need, or those she got along with to not only make life easier for herself but the people she cared passionately about. Even though she hated herself everyday for befriending those blood suckers. But she had to remind herself everyday that if she didn’t befriend those people then she feared the worst would happen to the people she held dear to her.

Did this make her a fool? Of course not it showed she is willing to do anything it takes to keep her loved ones safe from harm’s way. Even if befriending soul suckers is what it takes then so be it.

She has been like this for many years  but one day it all changed as she decided that all the horrible things in her life were becoming too much. There is a huge list of problems which have haunted her very soul for many years and they keep pushing her down by making her feel powerless, insecure and above all weak.

As she knows she can’t do a thing all she can do is sit back and let her life spiral out of control these problems include the following her parents going through the divorce process, her parents going into court over the financial side of things, brother not helping with anything, house being put on the market for selling and finally more money is being spent on essentials then the amount of money that is earned.

She dealt with these problems one day at a time as she always thought to herself tomorrow will be brighter, happier and all of these nightmares will be over. Unfortunately one day while she was at college working on her coursework something inside her very soul snapped as on this particular day she was given back many pieces of coursework that needed improvements on. As she assumed they were completed so she could focus on her current coursework and have everything finished for the end of year deadline, due to finding this out that was when she decided I can’t take all of this anymore enough is enough.

 So she decided to run out of college all the way home her friends that meant the world to her tried to run after her but she cried out to them

“Please Ryan and Dawid I need to be alone as I can’t deal with all of these problems at once, I have for many years and now it is physically and mentally wearing me down.  It feels like I am not myself anymore and instead when I look in the mirror I see a shell of the person I use to be”.

After that Kate ran away as if her life depended on it as she knew how stubborn they can both be and she didn’t want them to catch up with her and see her in this state. As she feels ASHAMED of what has become of her life. As she ran with the scorching, happy sun shining down on her body she heard voices shouting her name, she didn’t have to turn round to know that Ryan and Dawid were trying with all of their strength, will and determination to make me see sense and run back to them as they want to help me get through this why do they bother with me?

As if my preys were answered the shouting faded away the further away I ran from where I Left the people that mean the world to me behind it felt like I betrayed them by leaving them behind god my emotions are everywhere I know I am a women but for crying out loud it shouldn’t be this bad.

The End

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